Monday, September 17, 2012

Computer problems

I was going to post pictures of my two new babies.  Unfortunately, my computer refuses to connect to the Internet.  It's been giving me problems for awhile.  I would have to reboot three or four times a day.  Now it will only stay connected for a minute or two after a reboot.  I ha e rebooted at least twenty times today.
I know the computer is the problem, because the laptop and iPad have no connection issues.  In the morning, I will get on Cliff's laptop and post pictures.
Meanwhile, I am going to do some online window-shopping.


Margaret said...

Hate computer issues because I'm very attached to my familiar desktop. When it doesn't work right, I can still DO things, but they are harder. And strange.

Jon said...

Is your computer very old? I've never heard of that particular problem. Could it be a virus?

I wonder what would happen if you tried "System Restore" to restore your computer system to an earlier date. Occasionally that will fix things.