Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Arrowhead drawing tomorrow

I'll bet you thought I had forgotten all about the arrowhead giveaway.  OK, so I sorta did forget it there for awhile.  But as soon as Cliff is up and around tomorrow, I'll have him draw a name.  This is your last chance to let me know if you want to be on the list of names drawn.  In other news...

Babe and Annie have finally joined the herd.  Aren't my four ladies pretty?  Jody, on the left, did not get rid of her limp, but she gets around and eats just fine.  It's when she has been lying down and first gets up that the limp is really pronounced.  After she walks around awhile, you hardly notice it.  As long as she is doing this well, we intend to keep her at least until she has a calf.  She's bred to a Jersey bull, so if the calf is a heifer it will probably look very "Jersey".  Maybe this is a year for heifers.  

We received about 1/10 inch of rain this morning.  Not much, it's true, but at least it gave a little drink to the clover and grass seedlings Cliff planted a while back.  There are more chances of rain in the forecast.  

Somebody is looking at the monstrosity as I type this.  Maybe the bank finally decided to come down on the price.  I sure wish somebody would buy that mess and tear it down.

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ErinFromIowa said...

My grandson and his Dad are always hiking and looking for rocks and arrowheads. He would be tickled to death if grandma came up with this cool assortment.