Saturday, September 01, 2012

Marty Stuart Show

Every Saturday night Cliff and I watch the Marty Stuart Show.
But sometimes we only watch five minutes of the thirty-minute show.  That's when Cliff holds the remote.
See, Marty Stuart married his mother's best friend, Connie Smith, in 1997.  Sort of a July-September romance.  Cliff has a crush on Connie Smith.  Therefore, if he has the remote, he fast-forwards through everything except the parts where Connie sings.
Tonight I held the remote, and told Cliff in no uncertain terms that we would be watching most of the show.  Not all of it, because Marty has some really irritating, untalented guys in his band, so I gladly zap them.
I've loved Marty ever since he and Travis Tritt did a few duets together.  Even without Travis, Marty makes those leather britches look good.
OK, I jest.  But I do like Marty and Travis together, like in the following video.

I also enjoy Connie Smith.  You will find a video of her singing on the Marty Stuart show HERE.  I would have embedded it, but Blogger has changed some things so I can only embed one video per entry.  

Sure, I admit that Marty should do something with that hair.  And he's probably getting a little old to wear those leather britches.  But then, I probably shouldn't be wearing the hippie dress and getting tattoos.  


darev2005 said...

Never too old for hippie wear and cool tattoos.

Well, as long as you do it with style like you do, anyway.


You go ahead and wear what you like. Never heard of Connie and Marty. But after watching the video clips... I can see why you and Cliff are attracted to the leather britches and blonde hair.

Nancy said...

Connie Smith was Cliff's mother's best friend?? Or did you mean that she was a best friend to Marty's mother??

Donna said...

Marty's mother's best friend.