Sunday, September 30, 2012

Calf in the canyon AGAIN!

Yesterday morning I woke up around six A.M. hearing a cow bawling in the distance.  Since we are the only people within five miles who have cows, I knew it had to be Babe.  I had no doubt whatsoever that she had lost her calf in the canyon again.
I woke Cliff up and told him the situation.  I intended to wait until daylight, but he wanted to take the flashlight and tend to things immediately.  I do nothing without my morning coffee; if the house was on fire at 4 A.M., I'd go next door and ask somebody to make me some coffee.  So he did wait until we had both had our first cup of the day.
The calf was in the same spot, only with her head facing outward this time.  We are definitely going to put some kind of fence or barricade there, because if we don't we will eventually lose a grown cow in there, and they aren't as flexible as babies.  
Here's the problem:  Cows tend to follow the path of least resistance as they wander from point A to point B, and they eventually wear a trail that is very discernable... a cowpath.  It is very noticeable in a pasture with a large herd, but even my little motley crew has a few well-traveled trails that show up.

This cowpath used to be at least two yards away from the drop-off of the canyon.  Unfortunately, erosion has taken its toll over the years.

Yes, right up to the cowpath.  This is where Annie fell in.  Twice.  If she can stay out of harms way until after church, we are going to do something about this.

And now, a new video of Babe and Annie, with a special appearance by Tude, the horse.


darev2005 said...

Yup. I'd say putting up a fence would help you sleep better. In several different ways. (grin)

Hyperblogal said...

Country Song a comin'.

My girl friend left, my old dog died, and the calf's in the canyon again....


Margaret said...

You don't want to make a habit of this canyon rescue. And you are a true friend to love coffee so much. You are a Washingtonian in spirit. ;)

small farm girl said...

If we had got between a momma calf and her baby with our herd, we would have been attacked by momma. That is one thing we dont do with our cows. But then again, our cows are wild and stupid. Lol