Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A giveaway, of sorts

When I blog about finding arrowheads, I get a few comments from people saying they have never found an arrowhead.  I never had either, until we moved here.  I have some good specimens I take out and admire from time to time. 

These are my most recent finds, laying here on my computer desk; this morning I asked myself, "Just how many arrowheads do I need, anyway?"  
I wonder if any of my readers would like to own some arrowheads and pieces of flint from a hill above the Missouri River in Missouri?  If you are interested, let me know, either in a comment or in an email.  My email address is toward the top of my sidebar.  Or, if you follow me on Facebook, let me know in a comment there.  I'll write down everybody's name who is interested.  
These arrowheads (and random pieces of flint) could be 2,000 years old (the Hopewell Indians), or only a few hundred.  
Read about arrowheads HERE.  
What you see in the picture will go to one person.  If more than one leaves a comment, we will draw names in a week or so.  Maybe some artistic type individual would frame the pieces; I've seen that done.   
If there is no interest in these, that's fine.  I'll stick them in the bag with my others.  


Anonymous said...

I like arrowheads! :)

Average Jane said...

I have plans already to go arrowhead hunting with my aunt near Perry Lake this fall, but I love arrowheads in general and would enjoy adding to my collection in case we can't find any. :)

Jerry & Vikki said...

I would like to have one of your arrowheads! My husband has found different (!) things over the years on jobsites to bring home...an arrowhead from MO. would add some character to the collection!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I have never had a real arrowhead before, I would love to win one!

Penny said...

We would love to have an arrowhead!