Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Animals (and other stuff)

In this picture, you see a loaded pet taxi.  Normally it is only used when we need to take Iris to the vet, to contain all that hair she sheds.  

Three cats are going to get fixed.  That's Mamma Kitty in the back, and you can barely see Jake in the corner.  At the vet's, the lady had to fill out a card for each of them.  When she asked the name of the calico in the foreground, I said, "She doesn't really have a name.  Call her Suzie."  
I was only scratched once, and that was by a cat who escaped, sealing her fate.  
I never intended to spend that much money on cats.  They had certainly better not run away from home, or let somebody else entice them away.  Mamma Kitty is the only one of the group you could call tame, although the others will allow themselves to be petted by me, since I feed them.  
  I just noticed that wasp nest in the upper right-hand corner.  I hate mud-daubers.

Notice the flies are on Jody's face, not mine.  I certainly hope my photographer friend does NOT photoshop flies onto my face!  Right after this was taken, I asked Cliff to come and take my picture with Jody from farther back, but when he drew near, Jody got up.  She doesn't really care for Cliff, or anybody else other than me.  

I'm getting pretty fed up with T-mobile.  I buy my minutes ahead of time because I use the phone so rarely, but we left Cliff on the plan because we both use his phone to call out, most of the time.  Our house phone won't call anybody except 911, although we can receive calls.  By the way, I'm fed up with Century-Link, too!  High prices for no service.  
Back to T-Mobile:  We pay for 500 minutes, and our bill is creeping up all the time.  It used to be $41.  Last month it was $47, and this month it's $54.  Cliff only used 135 of his 500 minutes.  It's time for a change, if only I could figure out what kind of change I want.  


Hyperblogal said...

You're safe :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is a good thing that you took care of the cats...they can really multiply fast. I know they help out around the barn though so at least now you won't have to deal with a population explosion. Hope you can find a plan for you phones so that you don't have to spend so much. We got to have them and shopping around doesn't hurt a bit.

nerves05 said...

Down here (florida) we have Straight talk. For $45.00 a month you get unlimted phone, Text and internet.
Now i realize that you guys probably don't do all that much Texting and surfing the net on your phone.
But it's a really good deal. espically if you have kids who seem to have a major Artery that runs from their ear to their phone and would just DIE if they didn't have a phone to text with or get on facebook every waking moment of the day to let thier friends know when they farted and how it smelled.. (that one a joke)
but it's about that bad.

Anyways your paying about the same for only 500 mins.
it seems the flat rate prepaids are the way to go these days.
And they text you and let you know in advance when your month is almost over and i get an email as well or you can do the automatic payment thing every month.
Which i never do.. But may be nice for some.

Leilani Lee said...

We have been happy with Tracfone -- you buy minutes (recently 60 minutes for $20 with a phone card from Dollar General Store) and when you use them up you buy more minutes so there is no monthly bill, but then again we only have it for emergencies and we don't text. You might investigate and see if that would work for you and Cliff

zztop357 said...

Good luck with the phone problems...Let me know what you choose. I'm fighting A T&T, Our phones drop calls and getting higher every month...I pay the bills,I might just chunk all the phones in the trash!!!

Missie said...

I never would of noticed the flies if you wouldnt have said something.

We have no land line. We use AT&T. We all have cell's and use the rollover minute plan however, they do offer a pay as you go plan. You should check it out. I love AT&T.

Donna said...

Missie, we have to have a land line because the only way we can get Internet is through them (DSL). I told them we did not want a phone, but they insist on giving folks a phone jack that we can't call out on, but people can call us.