Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting acquainted

 Bonnie, meet George.

 Jody, meet George.

 Babe, meet George... and then PLEASE go have your own calf.

Yes Babe, another one:  her name is Gracie.  Since you refuse to have your calf in a timely manner, we took matters into our own hands.  

Since I recently mentioned here that we do NOT need another calf, I'm sure some folks wonder why we went and bought, not one, but two.  
Well, first of all, they are cheaper than they were two years ago.  This drought has cause a hay shortage, and people are selling cows, not buying.  That has driven prices down.  I love baby animals, and I love cows.  And we have enough hay for this winter.  
What will we do with them if we don't have enough pasture next year?  
No matter what happens, George will either be sold or eaten.  We'll turn him into a steer today.  
And Gracie?  I certainly don't intend to start a dairy, and I only milk Bonnie twice a week, so why would I buy more milk cows?  
Sometimes bad, unexpected things happen to cows.  Hardware disease, lameness caused by injury, mastitis, milk fever.  I am always more comfortable when I have a replacement in the wings.  
I'm hoping we've seen the end of the drought.  There is still the chance of Jodie having a Jersey heifer calf, so that would be another one "waiting in the wings".  
If it gets to the point that I have to sell a cow, that's what I'll do.
What it boils down to is this:  I love Jersey cows, and I will do what I can to see that I have one around for as much of my life as possible.
By the way, this morning I noticed Jodie still has a little problem with the limp but it is much better.  As long as she doesn't get any worse, she ought to be fine to carry her calf until February when it's due.  Hopefully she will get over her problem completely.  We'll take things as they come.  


Helen said...

They sure are cute. I like their little shelters.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How adorable those calves are. You certainly do have a back up plan there or two. It's raining again in Ohio today. I'd say the draught is over.

Unknown said...

I love 'The Wood Herd'.....all of them are so cute ! I love cows too. There's just some about their faces and those big brown eyes ! To me, it seems as though a cow keeps it's 'baby-face look' all it's life. You picked some great names for your 'babies' too. Thanks for sharing them with us out here on the fringes, looking in.

darev2005 said...

Your place is going to start looking like Dr Doolittle's spread soon! (grin)

Nance In CA. said...

Aaack !! Didn't realize I had not chosen an identity name to show up when I leave a comment on this page. The 'Unknown' above is ME !! LOL....Ol' Nance.

nerves05 said...

awww. they are soooooooo cute..
that little white one is adorable..
thats ok get as many as you want. i enjoy hearing about them. and when the others come.. it will be "baby time"
hopefully we will be hearing all about them.

Lisa said...

Good looking cows you got there :)

Melissa Wiggins said...

The cats look great from their surgeries. And the calves are quite fetching. I know I would get attached to 'em -- just looking into those big brown eyes. My actual opening comment was so trite that everyone else had already posted it -- ahhhhh, all your animals are SOOOOO cute. Well, the horse was more studly than cute, but you get the idea that the pictures were appreciated. MGW

Rockintnc said...

I love the new additions to the herd! Was wondering how the panels are attached to the t-posts. And how long will you be bottle feeding them?