Sunday, September 09, 2012

Boonville tractor show

Yesterday we left on the motorcycle around 8:30 A.M. and went to Boonville, Missouri, to their annual tractor show.  We were very impressed with how big that show is getting.  They are going to end up being as famous as the Old Thresher's Reunion in Iowa, or the big show at Rollag, Minnesota, which has a genuine old locomotive pulling a train circling the grounds that you can ride.

We saw some unique old tractors.

Bulldozers, too.

There were a lot of these folks in attendance.  I don't really know how to tell Amish apart from Mennonites.  Notice his shirt and her dress are made from the same material.

We bought some home-made ice cream.  This video was supposed to be much longer, but evidently I didn't have it recording as long as I thought, so look quickly (or pause it)!  They're using antique stationary engines to crank the ice cream.

The folks from whom I bought Jody as a one-week-old calf have an ad on Craigslist.  This torments me because I love raising baby calves.  These folks do a great job of keeping the calves healthy and sound, and they are priced much cheaper than when I bought Jody, probably because the cattle market in general is down due to the drought.  Jody is pregnant now, due to calve in February.  But remember how cute she was as a baby?  

Bottle Calves - $135 (Holden, Mo)

Date: 2012-09-08, 9:56AM CDT
Reply to: see below

Holstein / jersey cross bottle calves for sale. About a week old and straight from a Missouri dairy. Bulls are $135 and heifers are $170. Heifers ARE breedable. We should be able to pick up about 25 calves on Tuesday, the 11th, this week. Can't guarantee how many of each but any heifers will be about two days old this time around. Bulls will be about a week old. Generally we will not pick up extra calves beyond what is spoken for, so please call soon if you want a calf. The dairy's fall season will only last for about a month from now or at least we hope it continues that long.

For those looking for a jersey heifer to raise as a family milker, there will probably be a few that are all or maybe 3/4 jersey. Let us know if that's what you want. Calves in general look to be a nice cross with less jersey than usual showing in the calves. We've put two calves on our nurse cow this past week and so far they are doing beautifully. 


kcmeesha said...

I've seen Amish/Mennonite entire families dressed in matching outfits. I can't tell the difference either.

Forty Pound Sack said...

The Amish around here do not wear tennis shoes or jeans. Probably have different rules for different communities, though.

Jody was a cutie, that's for sure ~

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The Amish that I've seen here wear black and the Mennonites wear the colors. On the way home by a different route on Saturday I saw several old tractors in a special open barn, must be tractor collectors in Ohio too.