Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Upgrading the neighborhood

The house next door on the southeast was purchased a few weeks ago.  The new owners are working like crazy every evening after work and every weekend.  They've put on a new metal roof, put in central air, and are remodeling the garage and the interior of the house.  We haven't met them yet because they have so many people helping them that we aren't sure who the actual owners are.  

The monstrosity on the west?  It will soon be owned by somebody other than the bank.  Some guy mowed the grass and weeds Monday.

Wow.  That's not far off.    
Cliff and I had to laugh at the ad for the auction.

Many of my readers have seen pictures of this house and commented on how it looked like a wonderful house, and someone should fix it up.  Folks, it was improperly constructed, and it can't be fixed.  Trust me on this.  I hope some poor unsuspecting sap doesn't buy the place thinking they can fix it up.  A friend on Facebook said the folks at the courthouse told her there has been a lot of interest in the place.  I would love to see the thing sell, but we have other plans for that day.  
By the way, the bank should be angry with the misinformation here.  The ad says the place is 1/2 miles east of town, when it's actually almost 2 miles west of town.  I can imagine people wanting to check out the place ending up at Catfish Charlie's or the Sni Minimart and wondering where the house is.  There are about 25 acres with the house, but they are very rough.  If someone wanted to put animals on it, they'd have to seed it in grass and do some fencing.  It's nothing but weeds right now.  


Rita Mosquita said...

YOu never know about people, their wisdom, and their talent. The second house looks so much better than a home in Sheridan, Colorado. It was purchased by a couple in 1975 for $3,000. (It has almost 1/2 acre) In 2001, the husband passed away and something happened with ownership,(not sure what) but the family continued to live there. Sheridan recently decided that all homes that were rentals had to be inspected. Eight homes were condemned included previous home. Yardwork, little. The yard is full of trash, broken glass, abandoned vehicles. A couple purchased it for $20,000.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad things are looking up in your neighborhood. It's too bad that house has such problems it does look nice. Hope your new neighbors are good people.


It's progress, that's for sure. Hope everyone likes each other when things are all said and done.

Angela said...

The ad DOES make it sound pretty good. Hope you get some good neighbors out of the deal, though.

Missie said...

I can the siding is warped in a few spots due to not being insulated on this picture too.