Sunday, July 15, 2012


My blistered belly has been more painful today than it has been since I first got burned.  It isn't unbearable, but I certainly notice it more today.  All the blisters have broken and a crust is forming over the surface of the raw places.  
I'm really getting tired of not being able to put on any clothes besides nightgowns and hippy dresses.  Wednesday is supposed to be our big shopping day, and it's especially important that I get the shopping done because my son, his wife, and our granddaughter Lyndsay are coming to visit for a few days; they'll arrive next Sunday  There are certain things my son likes me to cook when he's here.  
Because I'm supposed to avoid direct sunlight while I'm taking this antibiotic, I've been going for my walk early; Cliff doesn't like to jump right out of bed and walk first thing, so he's been taking his walk an hour or two later.  Iris can't figure this out, and she certainly doesn't like us breaking our routine.  She does walk with both of us, though, so she gets two walks.  When Cliff and I walk together, Iris usually disappears at the beginning and we don't see her until the walk is over.  But when we go alone, I guess she feels as though we need company because she's been staying with both of us the last three days.  
Cliff has gone to his brother to borrow his livestock trailer.  Max is going to be butchered Tuesday, good Lord willing.  
This means I will milk Bonnie one last time after Max leaves, and then I will allow her to dry up.  I'm hoping to get the vet here this week to pregnancy check the cows, but it's going to depend on how well my wounds heal up.  I am in no state to be handling cattle at present.  
Can you tell I'm a little down today?  I'm going to assume I'll feel better tomorrow.  

It just occurred to me, some antibiotics have made me feel depressed in the past!  That's probably the reason for my mood.


Bookncoffee said...

I'm sorry you are so uncomfortable. Will it work to wear a t-shirt? Anyway, make a list and have Cliff do the shopping if all else fails. The important thing is not letting it get infected. Hopefully this will be the worst day and it'll get better from here.

Hyperblogal said...

You need a house cat. Believe me they don't care what you do or when you do it.


Back when I used to walk 8-10 miles a day, I would get blisters on my feet. The heels were bad, but I'd also get them on the tops and bottom of my feet. So I know how uncomfortable you are feeling. HANG IN THERE. They do eventually heel. My meds do not allow me sunshine either. And that in itself is depressing, I agree. Take care.


PS) HEAL, not heel.

Lori said...

I certainly hope you continue to heal well and quickly!! I've had antibiotics make me feel blue before; I'd always assumed it was because they interfere with my happy pills. Isn't it funny how dogs get so set in a routine and how badly it disrupts them when we have to change it. Of all our five dogs, my dog Scout is a routine lover. And if I don't handle our walk/play time the right way, he will either sit and wait until I get with the program, or he will try to "lead" me into the routine.