Saturday, July 21, 2012

How's that change workin' for ya?

Nope, not politics.  Yesterday was the first day of Cliff getting up early, although not quite as early as planned because I slept until 6 A.M.  I made coffee and took him a cup.  
Cliff hates getting up early; that's why he worked second shift for years.  He likes to lie in bed just enjoying the fact that he CAN lie there.  He'll sip at least one cup of coffee.  Sometimes he'll doze back off and the coffee will be cold by the time he gets to it.  That's OK with me.  
But with the intense heat we've been having, he was complaining that he can't play work in the shop because it's too hot.
I suggested he get up early to take advantage of the coolest part of the day.  "You could try it, at least.  If it doesn't work for you then I'll stop waking you up."  
It wasn't a change for me, since I'm almost always awake around five o'clock.  
So, Cliff got up shortly after six.  By seven we were heading off for our walk.  By eight, he was weed-eating, and then he mowed the stray weeds that have come up in the yard.  When he came in for dinner at noon, he was raving about the new schedule. 
"I've gotten more done today than any day since we've retired.  And it's not even hot yet!"  
That's when I had to break the news to him that it was a cooler day that we've been having recently.  He turned on the noon news and saw that it was only 84 degrees.  
"Well anyway, I sure got a lot done."
As we went to bed last night, I asked, "Should I wake you up early again?"  
"Yes," he answered, "because I have to meet Phil (his brother) at nine thirty.  We're going to a farm sale."
This morning I woke him at 5:30.  Once out of bed, he stepped out on the front porch and remarked on how nice and cool it was.  
We were heading off on a walk by 6:30.  When we got back he showered and dressed for the sale and realized it was still two hours before he was to meet his brother.  
"Man, this getting up early does give you a lot more time, doesn't it?" 
Of course, he had cleaned up to leave, so he couldn't do anything but surf Craigslist.   
He came home from the sale after one.  He hadn't bought anything.  He sat down on the couch, leaned back.....

and he's still there.  Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little siesta in hot weather.    


Celeste Sanders said...

Love it!

Joyce Rector said...

I agree, getting up early, you can do so much more before it gets to hot to do anything. Then nap or computer time, in the heat of the day. Perfect way to plan a day.


Are sure that's not my husband in that recliner??? LOL Siestas are routine around here. Looks like Cliff is taking advantage of retirement. Now that my hubby has a new temporary job, he dozes off at the office after lunch. I'm just praying his boss doesn't snap a picture, like you did.

Margaret said...

NICE!! He looks comfy and he can do the new schedule whenever he feels like it. That's the beauty of retirement, which I will probably never experience. :)

Forty Pound Sack said...

For a minute there I thought that was my Walker. He sits on the couch, he's out, without fail ~

Bookncoffee said...

ha ha...gotta get that sleep in one way or the other. You do get more done getting up early. I can tell a difference in my own schedule when I sleep late.

Missie said...

I can't get up early. I've tried and I physically can't do it. LOL