Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Another random post

Looks downright ridiculous, doesn't it?  Bonnie always has such huge babies, and then she doesn't get re-bred as soon as she ought to, so I let the calves nurse until time to go to the butcher shop.  Max is eleven months old; he was born the day before the Missouri State Fair started last year.  He will soon be leaving us; I took this picture this morning, thinking the people who are purchasing him might like to see what he looks like right now.  They sometimes peek in on my blog.  By the way, for you city slickers, that is a classic cow-patty near Bonnie's back foot.    

I did my morning check of Craigslist and saw something I want.  Unfortunately, if I bought it (a two-week-old Jersey heifer calf for $350), we wouldn't be able to vacation.  I can't have my cake and eat it, too.  Why doesn't anybody ever have these babies in November, December, January February, or March?  I could raise a bottle calf during those months; we don't do any traveling then.  

One of my readers was horrified to think that I would use peaches that have worms or bird-pecks, so I am going to carefully show you how easy it is to get rid of bird-pecks on peaches.  Pay close attention, now... it's really complicated.  
 Behold the peach that birds have feasted on.

 Now this is the tricky part, because you could cut yourself.  (Yes, my tongue is in my cheek.)

Viola!  All evidence of bird pecks is gone.  And now you know.  I was going to show you what to do with a wormy peach, but all the wormy ones seem to be gone for this year.  You would have enjoyed seeing me remove all evidence of a tiny white worm using the same knife I used for the bird-pecked area.



Don't laugh. This may seem like a naive question. Because Max is still suckling his mother, at this age? Does that make the meat MORE tender? taste better or what? The peach, bird pecked or not, sounds tasty to me. We used to have an apricot tree. It died years ago. I miss randomly gathering fruit to munch on. take care.

ingasmile said...

I would eat those peaches in a heart beat! Bird pecked and wormy is still better than what you get at the grocery store!!


Lori said...

I've cut out many a bird-pecked spot or wormy spot!

Mrs. L said...

When are you going to show us how to make soap?