Sunday, July 01, 2012


This constant heat takes something out of me, even though I spend most of my time inside in the air conditioning.  I feel absolutely uninspired to update my blog.  There's really nothing new to report; I spend a lot of time moving soaker hoses in the garden, and that's my main activity.  Exciting, right?  Cliff decided he didn't want to go to church today, so it's a day like any other.  I don't care for television evangelists, and it really isn't so much the preaching that I miss, it's the idea of seeing actual people from the community who are meeting for a common cause.  I need something once in a while to get me out of my natural hermit-like frame of mind.

Look, its eyes are open!  When I first opened the side door of the birdhouse, the babies were jammed against it and I thought a couple were going to fall out.  I may stop peeking in so often.  They will leave the nest at the age of sixteen to twenty-one days.  I sure hope Mama Kitty doesn't discover them while they are learning to fly.  You can find a bluebird timeline HERE.   
Our tomatoes are still few and far between; we have yet to eat a BLT sandwich, but we're enjoying a tomato a day in salads or just out-of-hand.  We have lots of cucumbers and zucchini, and the eggplants are coming on strong.  

  We have new neighbors in one of the foreclosed homes next door.  They are spending every weekend moment working on the house.  Yesterday they installed air conditioning; today they are re-roofing the house.  I haven't met them yet.  
The other vacant house will likely never be occupied, as it isn't fit for human habitation and really can't be fixed, even though it's an almost-new home.   
I can't come up with anything else, so I'll stop while I'm ahead.


PFL0W said...

hey, for "nothing to say" you did well. your readers are both entertained and now up to date.

Mo Rage


The storm here left dead baby birds in our yard so it was refreshing to see yours. I'd LOVE some of your eggplant. LOL Hope the new neighbors are better than the last ones. take care. Keep cool.

Margaret said...

It's a good sign that the new neighbors have been busy fixing up the house! I don't like really high heat, but don't do well with A/C either and the huge temperature variations make me sick. (literally) Luckily, I live in a place where we hardly ever need A/C. 70 right now, but gray, which is depressing.

Jon said...

Donna, you're gonna love your new neighbors! They are from Texas and they used to live next door to me!

(Hey, I was only kidding. I hope you didn't faint)

Paula said...

Glad you at least got neighbors on one side, that is if you want them. Sounds promising if they are already fixing up.

Sister--Three said...

I am spending part of each day watering. The deer ate all my garden except my tomatoes and I water them every morning. I water my flowers every other day.

We have had a blt and oh, Donna, they are just as good as they used to be.
Larry is watering his melons...but I think his corn just cooked.

We were the hottest place in Ark several days last week. Our little town is on the AR River and I guess sort of in a hole. The heat just sits down on us and squashes us.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The good news is that along with the terrible heat, we've had rain for 3 days in a row now. The bad news is that 2 out of the 3 produced some pretty powerful storms. Thankfully we were ok here, but some were not so lucky as lots of trees went down taking the power lines along with them. Believe me if the power would have went out I would have went home just so I could be in the a/c. It's not so bad doing things outside here as we have a lot of shade and I know if I'm too hot I can go inside and cool off awhile. Take care and keep cool!

Missie said...

we purchased the dogs a pool for when they're outside but they hate it! I just spritz them with the hose, that they love. It might be in the 100s, but I'll take that anytime over snow. LOL

Lori said...

This heat is debilitating, even when we stay indoors most of the time. I'm really ready for a cool-off.