Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Now I understand the watermelon thing

See the previous entry.  
So I found out only one of Cliff's sisters calls the process "cleaning", but several people do remove the flesh of the watermelon from the rind and chunk it up, for a very sensible reason:  It takes up less room in the refrigerator.  Now that makes sense to me.  
Thanks to everyone who commented on Facebook, explaining this (to me) peculiar phenomenon.    Nobody else calls it "cleaning the watermelon", though.

Oh, and I found out that only one of Cliff's sisters deals with her watermelon this way.  I was corrected.  The other sister said watermelon doesn't last long enough at their house to bother doing all that work.   


Paula said...

I was about to think you meant washing the rind and I was beginning to feel dirty. lol I've never done this or heard it called that. It does give me an idea though as I aways hate it when John buys a watermelon because it takes up so much room in the fridge.

Helen said...

My mother used to clean the watermelon, cut it into chunks, put it in a glass gallon jug and put it into the fridge. It was really good on a hot day.
My X MIL used to make pickles from her rinds. They were good.She didn't use the hard green part but the white tinged with pink.

darev2005 said...

Unless we're going to have company and eat the whole thing all at once, we always cut up the watermelon. When we had 11 foster kids we never bothered. But since it's just us at home now, we always cut it up to save room in the fridge.

But we don't call it "cleaning" it. We just call it "cutting up the watermelon." (grin)


I agree. It doesn't last long enough in my house to do that either.

Midlife Mom said...

Never heard that one before. Does make sense to cut it up though, they do take up a lot of room in the refrigerator and I like to have it on hand for my grand kids to snack on when they are here. So sorry you burned your belly! That must have hurt! Hummmm......now I am wondering if a new med I am taking is making me burn! I never burned before and now my nose and cheeks are bright red. I was out riding with Taylor and then mowed the lawn for an hour or so. Guess I'd better be more diligent about using the sunscreen. Glad Rachel is doing well, yep she's got her mama's genes! The story about coming in the back door and Cliff's response had me rolling on the floor! What a hoot! Good to visit with you this morning!