Monday, July 02, 2012

Just peachy

 Remember all those strawberries I was picking a couple of months ago?  Now I've moved on to peaches.  They are a lot less work, though.  I don't have to bend over to pick them, for which my back is very grateful.  My peaches aren't perfect; even in years when I spray them, a lot of them are still wormy.  This year I never got to spray because it was windy every day.  It's impossible to use a hand sprayer on a full-sized tree if it's windy.  I wind up spraying myself more than I do the tree.  
The wormy peaches ripen first, and with those, I'm lucky to get even half the peach by the time I clean out the mess the worm has made.     

Bird-pecked peaches, like some of those in that top bucket, need to be picked as soon as possible or they will rot.  
A lot of peaches fall on the ground.  I can salvage parts of them if I pick them up soon after they drop, but if they lay there even twenty-four hours, they are pretty much spoiled.  
Most of the peaches in these pictures are just a little on the green side, but the wonderful thing about peaches is that you can bring them in the house and they will go ahead and ripen in a day or so.  I like to do this because the ones I bring in won't be falling on the ground to ruin.   
Of course we are having peaches every day in our cereal, our oatmeal, and our cream of wheat.  We're having sliced peaches for dessert.  I haven't made a cobbler yet, but I'm sure I will before long.  I've frozen three pints and one quart of peaches, and I'm just getting started.  
There's a trick to eating frozen strawberries or peaches:  You don't want them to thaw completely or they are soft and somewhat mushy.  About half-thawed is perfect for eating with cereal, or in a bowl for dessert.  Many times I use the "thaw" setting on my microwave and just leave them in a minute at a time, checking often to see if the fruit is just right so I don't overdo it.  


Rachel said...

Those sound good!

Missie said...

I usually love peaches but I must admit after reading about the worms and the ones that get pecked by birds, I'm not sure when I will be able to eat on again! LOL

CountryDew said...

My husband is a big peach fan, moreso than I, I think. He loves them in milk.

Donna said...

Oh, Missie, you have given me a wonderful idea! I will take pictures of a worm in a peach and the mess he leaves, and show how I use what he hasn't ruined!

Margaret said...

Love peaches, but the ones we get in the stores here are not often good. They look beautiful from the outside but taste awful. I would much rather have your wormy, but fresh ones. :)

Lori said...

Some friends of ours told us to come over and get all the plums off their trees, so Thomas spent yesterday afternoon helping them pick them. He came home with 630 plums. Yes, I did count them. lol They are the best plums I've had in ages.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Even if they are a lot of work, it would be nice to have some fresh peaches. You are blessed with fruit and veggies there at your house. Enjoy!