Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A ride through drought country

 So this morning we went off on a ride to Versailles.  Cliff's Aunt Gertrude was recently in the hospital as a result of asthma problems.  She's back home and babysitting again now; we just wanted to visit with her for a while. 

 I don't recall what little town we were passing through when I took this picture, but just look at that dried-up yard.  This is what our yard will look like in another week, if we don't get rain.

 Pastures are ruined.  

 Aunt Gertrude had four kids to babysit today.  They were having lots of fun; the two younger kids were wrestling in a chair, and the older boys were playing some kind of hand-held electronic game.  I wonder if I'll feel like babysitting when I'm in my mid-eighties.  One of these two sets of siblings is expecting another sibling soon.  Aunt Gertrude can hardly wait to have a newborn to take care of.    

 This little guy is brother to the boy on the right.  The little girl below is sister to the other boy.

 She saw me take the little guy's picture and asked me to take hers.   

Cliff told me to gather up some stuff to take to Aunt Gertrude this morning before we left.  She is always so appreciative of any little thing you give her.  I took a container of peaches, another of tomatoes, a Walmart sack full of potatoes, a couple of onions (because onions are her favorite fruit), a couple of cucumbers, and some packages of ground beef from the freezer.  Unfortunately, the motorcycle trailer rides rougher than we realized.  Half the peaches were bruised when we arrived, and a couple of the tomatoes had bounced out of their container and gotten somewhat bruised.  She called tonight, though, to tell us she got enough peaches to make a pie after cutting the soft spots out.  

 After going by to pay a quick visit to Cliff's cousin Darryl, we headed home.  Sometimes a cloud would block the sun's rays, and when that happened it seemed at least fifteen degrees cooler.    

 This one did a great job of covering the sun for awhile.  

This one, too.  

It was a day well spent, even though we got uncomfortably hot on the ride home.  I rested awhile, picked the last peck of peaches on the tree, and returned Cliff's ladder to the shop.


MissKris said...

We've had a couple of major thunder showers last week but otherwise we're very hot and dry here in the Detroit area too, Donna. Some neighbors are still trying valiantly to keep their grass green but I think it's kind of a lost cause. After the sticker shock of a $241 electric bill, I don't want to end up being equally shocked by a water bill somewhere up in the stratosphere, too.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope you get some rain soon. We are not in drought conditions yet, but it is very dry. I can't imagine baby sitting in my mid 80's but I'm thankful I can still do it right now. Since I retired I've had the joy of watching a couple of my grands when their moms had to go back to work and soon I'll be watching the newest babe when my daughter goes back to work. I'm so glad I don't have to go to work any more so I can do this for her.

Paula said...

Good for Aunt Gertrude. I don't think I could do it now let alone in my eighties. We've been having a few showers but need so much more.


My BFF is in her 60's and watches 6-8 kids. Frankly I don't know how she's does it. Aunt Gertrude, in her 80's must be really blessed to watch the ones she has. And looking forward to the baby too. They are alot of work. Glad she made a pie with her peaches. She sounds like a sweet lady.