Thursday, July 12, 2012

More to a story

This isn't about the burn on my belly (I slept well last night), it concerns an entry I did a while back, and illustrates what a small world we live in, thanks to the Internet..  

If you missed my original story about Harold Zeikle, Jr., you'll find it HERE.  
I have the settings on my blog fixed so that any comment made over a month ago is moderated, and doesn't show up until I approve it.  That's because most spam comments are on older entries.  
Today I happened to check comments awaiting moderation and found an interesting one had been left on Junior's story some time back:
"Junior was my cousin, we didn't call him Harold, lol, he was a character! Never a dull moment around him. Sadly, the story is true. I never stopped loving him gay or not! His partner was loving caring man, they wore matching wedding rings. I wish him and his brother Jerry would have made up before he died, growing up they were never apart. As for the mausoleum, he was fearful of being buried underground. the latter piece was to remind everyone he was a "Zeikle" and proud of it too! Thank you for posting his grave, I cried when I saw it. I haven't been to Prairie Ridge for many years.
Lisa, Mary Sue's daughter" 
I was amazed that this entry made its way to a family member as rapidly as it did.  I had not used the name in the text of the entry at all, fearing that some relative might be hurt by my version of the story, which was only hearsay.  The name showed in a picture, but that wouldn't have come up in a Google search for Zeikle.  (Obviously, this particular entry will show up on a search.) 
I don't know if Lisa will ever find her way to this entry as she did the other one, but I am so grateful that she filled in the story and told us more details.  Don't you just love the Internet?  
Lisa, if you return and find this, thanks for telling us more about Junior.  I already knew he had a sense of humor by that line on his mausoleum about not being in Kansas any more. 

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darev2005 said...

I must have missed the original post. That line on the mausoleum cracked me up.

He must have had a wonderful sense of humor. The family deprived themselves of an interesting person.