Monday, July 09, 2012

Around the place with my new camera

Actually, I've been experimenting with my new camera (happy birthday to me), making sure I will know how to use it when I need it.  

 You can still find Cliff at the back end of the 550 Oliver most of the time.

 He ordered some used parts online; they arrived today.  This is much cheaper than going to the dealer and ordering new ones. 

 The peaches are done on my big peach tree, but it will probably be two or three weeks before these on the dwarf tree are ripe. 

 Iris is stalking her shadow.  I put her in the picture because I wanted my readers to see my short okra plants.  I guess this is some different variety than usual.  Normally you almost need a ladder to harvest okra, but this year I have to bend over to pick it!  The okra themselves look a little different that the traditional ones, too:  thinner and lighter-colored. 

 I hope nobody wants to sit down.  

These are ready to can, but I'm afraid they would only be enough for two or three quarts.  It's unbelievable how many tomatoes it takes to make a quart.  You can see a bucket of peaches on the left.  Yes, I am still doing peaches, but it's almost over.  
Well, it looks like I'm going to be able to get along with my new camera.  I'm a little leery of the teeny-tiny card it takes.  If I don't lose that thing within a week, it will surprise me.  I'm pretty clumsy.  If the card fell to the floor I'd be hard-pressed to see it.  Other than that, I think I'm going to get along just fine with the camera.  It's very user-friendly and easy to figure out.  


Margaret said...

The photos are great! I'm always terrified about new technology--that it will be frustrating for me to use. (new computers usually are!) I am also scared to get a smart phone; what if it's smarter than I am?

Forty Pound Sack said...

You did a fine job with the new camera. I hate reading instructions, and usually just go at it trying to figure out what I need to do ~


Beautiful pics. Camera does an amazing job and so did you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. What a nice gift.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I sure hope this new camera works out for you. No more smudges would be a great thing. It takes good pictures anyway. I could just reach out and get one of those tomatoes. So far there are no homegrown ones here.

Bookncoffee said...

Well it takes good pictures. That is awesome. Those tomatoes look good. We have some coming in. The heirlooms are ugly but sure do taste good.

darev2005 said...

It looks like you've got that thing figured out just fine.

P.S. I have a problem with those teeny cards myself. Why do they have to make everything so dang small?

Adirondackcountrygal said...

and just a couple weeks ago you were wondering if you would get any tomatoes! Now you have a lot!