Thursday, July 05, 2012

Our Fourth of July

Kevin grilled brats and hot dogs; it was just too hot for anybody to stand at a grill for an hour, so we were fine with that.  The daughter and I made some side dishes and that was that.  I was surprised that Rachel felt like staying all day, right into early evening.  It was nice to spend a day with them all.  Nephew Scotty and his girl friend Marsha came, bringing four-wheelers with them.  There wasn't much time spent four-wheeling in the pasture, though, at 100 degree temperatures.  
Rachel and Kevin had purchased a few fireworks for the girls, so Monica and Natalie stuck around until dark.  

The girls and I listened to songs on my Ipad and discussed Van's Warped Tour.  If I could stand the heat and had good knees, I would go with them Monday!   It's so much fun being immersed in the enthusiasm of youth for a while.  I wouldn't take anything for the memories I made at Warped Tour.  Like the time oldest granddaughter Amber and I got caught in a mosh pit and barely made it out with our lives!  OK, I'm exaggerating, but we were scared.  

Then Cliff joined us for a while.  

Finally darkness edged in and we watched the fun.  There was a little excitement when one firework fell on its side and spewed its contents in the wrong places, and Monica yelled, "FIRE!!!"  Indeed, just a few feet from our house a tiny fire had started in the dry grass, but the girls ran over and quickly stomped it out.  

This morning I picked some huge peppers, which are now in the process of being made into stuffed peppers for our dinner.  

Cliff has been having trouble with the wind blowing his hat off, so he stole MY garden hat because it has a string to hold it on his head.  Doesn't he look silly?  I told him he needs to quit being a cheapskate and just BUY a hat like he wants.    


Melissa Wiggins said...

I love family holiday stories -- and yours is wonderful. Glad you had such a good, loving 4th. MGW

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you all had a great 4th even with the terrible heat. That picture of Cliff in your hat is a winner for sure!

Margaret said...

Sorry it was so hot--that makes it uncomfortable to be outside. :( It sounds like you made the best of it though. Glad Rachel felt up to joining in the festivities. Cliff is hysterical in the hat!!

Lori said...

You guys are such a happy family!

darev2005 said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. I stayed home with my dogs on the 4th. Thought the poor things were going to lose their minds. It's been so dry here i spent a good part of the time going around the house and making sure the neighbors hadn't set our yard on fire.


Stuffed peppers sound good. Do you put rice in yours? Cliff wearing your hat is very sweet, but he seriously needs one of his own. For picture taking purposes, only. LOL You are so right, the enthusiasm of youth is contagious. take care.

Fancy said...

I love stuffed peppers! Your postings make me regret not putting a garden in this year. I'm from MO too :)