Monday, July 16, 2012

Our daily walk

Looks rather like a giant handprint, doesn't it?  That's the portion of our property where Cliff and I walk every day.  We usually start at the path on the left, but while I'm walking it by myself I reverse it.

 First, though, I pass by the alfalfa field where the cows are spending a lot of time lately.  

 In the Google Earth picture at the top, you can see where a path leads to the right before we get to the "big handprint".  That takes me around the dry pond.  

 Once around the pond and a little beyond, I turn back and start toward the handprint.  As you can see, there's still some green in our pasture. 

 If it weren't for the alfalfa, the cows would spend a lot of time roaming around looking for the green grass, but they would survive.  My parents used to talk about the drought in the 1930's that was so bad, farmers chopped down trees so their cattle could eat the leaves.  

Here's what pastures look like just sixty miles east of us.

 Iris and I are walking down the finger on the right in the picture.  We walk almost to our eastern property line, then turn around. 

 This is looking back up the path after I've turned around.  The pictures don't really show it, but this is a fairly steep hill.  

 Here is the second finger of my walk.  It's mostly level, but is the longest finger in the walk.

 That's where my cabin used to be.  It's a short stretch.  

 And now, down the longest and steepest hill on the journey, the finger on the left.  It's normally our first hill, but as I said, I'm walking it backwards lately.  This is the hill that diagnosed Cliff's heart problem and led up to his open heart surgery.  

This is looking up the same hill.  Once I'm up this hill, I head to the house. 

I think I like my new camera just fine.


Debbie said...

Your camera takes excellent pictures! Our part of Missouri is experiencing drought. We had rain over the weekend but the ground is still dry and hard as rock. They're predicting more rain by the end of the week. I just hope it comes without tornadoes, micro-burst wind, floods or severe lightening. I hate to sound picky but we had our turn at those last year.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I enjoyed the walk this morning. Your walk was about all the walking I'll be doing today. I'm so lazy and am just enjoying being in the coolness of my house today. I'll be spending some time going up and down the stairs with laundry but that is about it. Your camera does take some good pictures.

Helen said...

Your camera takes great pictures.


You have a wonderful view of nature as you walk. I don't know how you gave up the cabin. My heart longs for a simple one or two bedroom cottage, in the woods, by a lake. Your camera is taking nice pictures. ENJOY!