Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Motherly love

You can't tell by looking, but Max the calf wants some milk, and his mother will have to stop chewing her cud and get up before he'll get it.  He's trying to let her know what he wants.

Finally Bonnie, in that clumsy way cows have, gets up.

What?  What are you looking at?  Can't a guy and his mother bond a little?

He's my baby and he's HUNGRY!  Go away with the camera.

Mom's cookin' is the best.

By the way, look how big Jody is getting (the one in front, below).  She'll be a year old before long.

You can tell she isn't a full-blooded Jersey.  Her legs are stockier than Bonnie's, and she doesn't have the pretty refined head of a Jersey.  Still, she's a lovely heifer.

Here's Jody when she was a couple of weeks old.  What a cutie.


Melissa Wiggins said...

What sweet, sweet pictures -- I almost feel you should have saved them for Mother's Day. Thanks for the "happy" thoughts for today. M

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

More happy thoughts all in one day. What a wonderful day you are having there. Max is almost as big as Bonnie now. What a great life they have! I was thinking the same as Melissa...they make a great Mother's Day post.

Jon said...

I can tell by these photos that your "neighbors" are much more pleasant to be around than mine!

Midlife Mom said...

The video is just adorable! Made me smile!


How sweet, one and all.

darev2005 said...

It's a good thing they don't bounce around like that much when they get older. You'd need stone fences eight feet tall to keep them in the pasture.