Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sometimes it works

A couple of years ago, my oldest grandson was down on his luck and needed someplace to crash until he could recoup.
I told him he could stay with us; at first I gave him a time limit; later, I extended the limit.
There were conditions: he had to do his own laundry; he had to give me $25 a week to help with expenses; and he had to put a designated amount of money in the savings account we opened up together.
I wasn't easy on the boy. He knew he couldn't just up and quit a job he hated, because he knew he'd have to answer to Grandma. In fact, Grandma was looking over his shoulder quite a bit.
I watched him do stupid things like THIS.
Less than a year later Arick moved out into a place of his own. He's had some rocky times since then, and others have given him a break. But he hasn't had to crash here any more.
I've assumed he had bad memories of the way I reined him in.
He and his sister were here yesterday and we got into a discussion about money. I allowed as how I wasn't that easy for a young person to live with, what with my demands and all.
Arick objected to that. "When I was staying here, I had so much fun! I had money all the time, even when I was only making $300 a week."
I mentioned how I forced him to save some money each week.
"Oh yeah, that was great!"
Well then. Maybe it wasn't all for nothing.


madcobug said...

Cute entry. He did appreciate you after all. Helen

Lori said...

I'm glad he appreciated you and what he had when he was there and didn't mind letting you know it.