Tuesday, August 29, 2017

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As Cliff and I plod through doctor visits, tractor shows, and random happenings, and with no  livestock except the feline variety, I sometimes struggle to keep my blog up and running.  However, I was recently handed a gift that I've been given permission to share with you.

A former neighbor who grew up next door to us recently told me her uncle had written sort of a history of his life.  Because he was born and raised within three miles of where Cliff and I have lived since 1975, she thought his story would be of interest to me, and indeed, it was.  Cliff and I, once we started reading, could barely put the story down until we were done.

A couple of days ago it occurred to me that Jim Perrine's story would likely inspire anyone who reads it, and also illustrate the sort of character that built this country.  Some of my local readers might recognize his name.  His parents, Oliver and Marie, were also my neighbors until they passed on.  His sister and her husband raised their family next door to us, and it was their daughter Ronda who allowed us to read his story.  And yet, I never met him personally.  I asked Ronda to find out if he would object to my telling his story to my readers;  he gave his permission.  

The story is a little long, so I may condense it somewhat.  It's all interesting, but I understand the attention span of people reading a blog isn't always up to too many details.  So I may omit some passages.  I debated whether to tell the story in my own words, but decided for the most part to leave it in the author's words, as I did when I serialized my Mother's story years ago.  Changing the words sometimes changes meaning, and you need to see the story as he tells it.  I will have to spread it across several entries.  I hope I do it justice.  

Some of the most popular blog entries I've ever done were the several I did that shared my mother's story.  If I do Jim's story properly, it ought to equal that series in readability and content.

If some of you have not read Mother's story, you'll find the links to all the entries right HERE.   That will give you something to read until I get this new project going.   


  1. I loved the story of your Mom's life. Can't wait to read the new saga.

  2. I'm looking forward to it!

  3. I need some good stories to read--I am in the doldrums with my book reading right now.

  4. i'll look forward to jim's story.

  5. I remember reading the series from your Mom's journals, and I enjoyed them so much. Looking forward to reading this one as well.

  6. Off to read your mom's story! I just read the first part of the other story and loved it! Looking forward to more!


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