Thursday, August 10, 2017

Happenings, on earth and in the skies

Around home, there are a few notable dates in our future.  Tomorrow night is the Perseid Meteor shower, which will reportedly be the brightest meteor shower in recorded human history!  In an unusual state of affairs, I won't be going to bed at my usual 8 PM tomorrow evening because I am attending a Green Day concert with granddaughter Monica!!!!  I generally try not to use exclamation marks often, but I just can't help it today.

Yes, the group is outside my realm of musical interests for the most part.  But several years ago I introduced Monica to their music for the first time and took her to her first Green Day concert.  I love their mellow songs and pretty tunes, of which there aren't many.  Here's a favorite: 

However, I do love the energy and excitement that is present at any concert, especially any sort of rock concert.  

Then after I arrive home from my night of depravity, I get to watch the heavens declare the glory of God.  

Speaking of which:  We are in the path of the big eclipse coming on Monday the 21st!!!!  Yep, more exclamation marks... hey, I know people who use those in almost every sentence.  An Internet friend I originally met in Blogland sent us the proper viewing glasses, three pairs, after I procrastinated getting ours.  In a perfect world, Cora will be down for her nap by the time the eclipse starts and ideally it will be a sunny day.  In a four-year-old's world (she turns four tomorrow), who knows?  She is pretty regular with her nap-times, though, unless she happens to sense my excitement.  And in Missouri, which is never the perfect world weather-wise, it could be cloudy and raining.  Right now the weather-guessers say partly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain.  Last time we had that same forecast, we received seven inches of rain.  Oh yes, and tonight Cliff, our daughter, granddaughter Natalie (I hope) and I are going to opening night of the state fair to see Sawyer Brown perform.  I've seen them twice before and enjoyed their high-energy performances.  However, two of them are in their mid-sixties and three are in their mid-fifties.  They may be in wheel chairs, for all I know.  

Now, for the question everyone has:  Cliff sees the urologist a week from today, on the 17th.  I have had a CD of the CT scan since the day it was done, which I will give him.  I assume the doctor will have received the information on the bone scan.  That is all we know at present.  Since it definitely is cancer, I am assuming Cliff will then be referred to an oncologist.  That's just a guess, and it's all we know.  I will let my blog readers know the results of that visit after it happens.  



  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the meteor shower. We, too, are on the path of the Eclipse, and I can't believe how many family and friends are making their way to Missouri to see it on the 21st. We've run out of beds to allocate, but some are willingly staying in tents in our back yard! I do hope your little one misses her nap that day. Thoughts and prayers to both you and Cliff!

  2. I procrastinated on solar glasses too. :-/
    Enjoy your concerts and praying all goes well for Cliff.

  3. I never heard of Green Day but I like the music on the video - and I have no doubt you'll enjoy the concert.
    I'd really like to see the meteor showers, but it's always cloudy and rainy here. In Texas it rained about twice a year. Here in TN it rains every day. The solar eclipse will be in two weeks (on the 21st, I think) and I have no doubt that we hillbillies won't be able to see it.
    My prayers and best thoughts to you and Cliff.

  4. Of course you know that I am sending love and prayers to Cliff and you. I KNOW how hard the waiting is, and how difficult on the spouse. I admire you so much for your concert going. I am not brave enough! The last time I was at a concert, someone threw up on my shoe. That was enough for me.

  5. my thoughts and prayers are with you and cliff. meanwhile enjoy the meteor showers, eclipse and concerts.

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Cliff as well. Remember, through thick and thin, God is with you.

  7. Sounds like there are some very exciting nights in your future. We are not to see much of the eclipse here at all and that is disappointing. But just to view the stars on a clear night is wonderful in it's self. We do need to appreciate all the glory God provides. I'm keeping Cliff in my prayers and do appreciate the update.

  8. We will get a partial eclipse in northern Minnesota, so I am looking forward to that. I think it is great you are going to all these concerts. My kids all went and saw Saywer Brown in concert while I had the privilege of playing with grandkids that evening :-) They still put on a good concert they said and no wheel chairs YET, ha!
    I am praying for Cliff and you that good results will follow his appointment. Wendy

  9. Enjoy your concerts, and I hope you get a good view of the meteor shower. I hope when Cliff goes back, they have a good plan of attack laid out for him. Thomas had his last radiation a week ago tomorrow. He will go to do blood work in three weeks, and then a week after that, we will meet with the urologist to see what his numbers say. Then we will go from there.


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