Thursday, August 17, 2017

A report on my husband

Today was Cliff's appointment with the Urologist.  Neither the bone scan nor the CT scan showed any cancer.  However, since it is the fast-growing type of cancer, something must be done.  The two options given for Cliff this morning were surgical removal of the prostate, or several weeks of radiation five days a week.  Cliff's first choice was surgery:  It sounded simple enough, just an overnight stay in the hospital.  The doctor was fine with that, but he started inquiring into Cliff's cardiac history.  Then on the information at hand, he saw the operation four years ago mentioned, the gall bladder fiasco:  8 days in the hospital and 3 or 4 miserable weeks at home with drainage tubes coming out of his chest and belly.  He said there very well could be problems with scar tissue, since that involved doctors poking around the inside of Cliff's body cavity.  

He said with either treatment, surgery or radiation, Cliff's chances would be about 80%.  

Next move is an appointment is with an oncology radiologist.  Then probably back to the urologist.  Now get this:  He will be given female hormones to shrink the prostate before the radiation treatments.  He will have hot flashes.  This has given Cliff a whole new topic for corny jokes, and I'm already tired of them.  "I guess we should buy some chick flicks for me to watch."  "Well, at least Obama fixed it so I can use either bathroom."  "I guess I should go in Walmart with you and check out the new fall blouses."  

Ha Ha.

Cliff said to the nurse who came in ahead of the doctor, "They told me it was fast-growing, then made my appointment 3 weeks ahead!"

He chuckled and said, "It doesn't grow THAT fast."

On another note, I'm getting ready to get dentures, if I can find a dentist who won't try to sell me implants that cost $10,000 per tooth.  This means before long I'll be running around toothless for a couple of months.  I may not do much running around; I might plant myself at home.  Wish me luck on this adventure.  I might enjoy being toothless so much I won't want any teeth.  That's how it was with my father-in-law.  

If anybody has recommendations, I'm listening.  


  1. Humor helps! Teeth- Who needs them? LOL I love my false teeth. I have a nice smile. I went 9 months so I could heal completely. I used Affordable Dentures not sure if there is one near you. Just tell dentist upfront that you want them gone and nothing else.

  2. I think it's wonderful that Cliff is maintaining a sense of humor through this ordeal - and I think his jokes are funny. A positive attitude is very important.

    As for getting dentures - - eat all of the taffy and caramel NOW while you still can!

    Hang in there - my best wishes are with you both.

    By the way - it's not supposed to rain on Monday, so I might be able to see the eclipse!

  3. Keep up the corny jokes Cliff... ha. Glad to hear good news. Continued prayers.

  4. I don't have any recommends on the dentures but I will suggest that your husband go to as big a hospital, in as big a city, as he can to have surgery. I forget where you live, Donna, so I can't make specific recommendations but... a well-known and experienced doctor in a HUGE hospital (like Cleveland Clinic, Northwestern in Chicago, etc.) can make a world of difference. With your husband's heart condition and him having cancer, you really want "the best of the best". In a large hospital the doctor doing your husband's surgery might see patients like him on a daily basis... and they will know how to handle your husband because they see patients exactly like his all the time. Good luck & I'll be praying. xoxo

  5. Good luck to you both.

  6. Seems like adventures times for both of you. Prayers are being said for a positive out come for you both.

  7. Thomas had the hormone shot before he began the radiation too. He is still having hot flashes, though they aren't quite as bad as they were. He finds that if he drinks a lot of water as soon as one starts, it helps. My doctor recently asked me if I were experiencing any hot flashes yet, and I said, "Only vicariously, through my husband." I don't know when I will begin having them (my mother was in her mid-fifties before she began menopause), but at least I know that when I do, Thomas will be totally empathetic. What that hormone shot does is stop the prostate from making testosterone, so it isn't giving the cancer cells anything to eat. That slows the growth and makes the radiation work even better. I'm so glad that they didn't find any cancer anywhere else.

    I had an aunt and a grandparent who opted NOT to get dentures after they had their teeth pulled. I can't imagine it, but they did pretty well that way and ate almost anything they wanted.

  8. Thank you for the update on Cliff. I Love his corny jokes, it is great to have a sense of humor through it all. I will continue to pray for him and you too! Wendy

  9. The news on Cliff is very, very good. Options even. Will is not a candidate for surgery either so I understand the radiation choice. The denture thing is what I want to follow. The pemphigus has so ruined my mouth and now I'm afraid to go to the dentist. I know I have a tooth going bad under a 4 tooth bridge. And I think at least 2 more are going. A year and 1/2 ago I had two teeth pulled rather than submit my poor blistered mouth to root canals. Let me know what you find out, please -- especially as to price. I think this might be my solution -- though it will mean at least 6 months of absolute agony because of how the pemphigus will make my mouth one huge swollen blister. Yet I'm thinking -- get it all done in one fell swoop rather than piece meal. Melissa

  10. I think Cliff's sense of humor is a GREAT thing. I've learned since February that laughter is better than fear and tears. I'm with you both in spirit and you are in my thoughts for kicking cancer's butt!

  11. at least cliff has a positive attitude and that counts for something. good luck to him as he faces this.

  12. Dad had this type of cancer. He took the hormones and radiation.
    It did not return for 10 years and they have better treatments now
    I am sure. Dad, like your cliff, had a great attitude. I recall he said
    for us not to be so glum as he was not ready to die yet! Attitude is
    so important. Good luck to you both! This was 1988.

    Donna, Patsy's son Tony lost his wife last week. She was only
    52! Patsy is our connection Donna!

  13. I worked ten years in a dental office as a chair side assistant. My experience leads me to try to dissuade you from dentures. As soon as the teeth are gone the lower ridge begins shrinking. It's function to to hold the teeth. Soon you will not be able to wear the lower denture. It depends on the ridge to stabilize and give something for the lower denture to hold onto. The upper denture has the suction of the roof of the mouth to hold it in place. If you feel you must have an upper denture, do keep at least six teeth on the lower jaw to attach to a partial denture down there.

    My feeling is if you get an infection in your finger, you don't cut the finger off. You can't grow another finger. Well, you can't grow other teeth either. Your own teeth are always better. Dentists can make a lot of money making dentures. As soon as the ridge is gone you will need a reline job. Every few years the dentures will need to be relined as the ridge changes.

  14. And I recommend your husband go to a teaching hospital. In Kansas, for example, that would be The University of Kansas Medical Center. Hopefully there is a teaching hospital near you.

  15. Glad that the news has been positive for the most part. No spread is excellent. I too find a sense of humor essential to relieving stress and bringing some laughter to a serious situation.


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