Saturday, October 26, 2013


OK, this is what I've decided on the new Ipad:  Although Cliff has been trying his best to steer me toward buying one, I'm just too happy with what I have to spend money on another one just because it has a couple more bells and whistles.  

However... (you know there would be some sort of however, right?) 

I've had my Mac Mini (I'm not talking about the Ipad mini here, but my actual computer) for four years, trouble-free.  It was the cheapest way for me to have an Apple computer because it uses the keyboard, mouse, and monitor I already had.  So I get to be an Apple snob without breaking the bank.  When I purchased the Mini, I chose the roomiest hard drive available for it.  It's now 2/3 full.  These days you can get a Mini with a 1 TB hard drive.  Oh yes, I do have an external hard drive, but I'd prefer to have everything on my computer.  

So I told Cliff I would rather apply the $500 plus that a new Ipad would cost me to the purchase of a new Mac Mini.  He gave me his stock answer:  "If there's something you want, you'd better be getting it, because we don't have much time left."  

In that case, perhaps I don't need more hard drive.  

I know this isn't the type of blog entry most folks enjoy, but bear with me.  I was already in the doldrums, and now I've had a rough week:  In the last seven days I've lost three cows.  Bonnie's calf was dead when we found it, so we had Bonnie butchered; and I found Jenny, the prettiest heifer in the herd, dead, day before yesterday.  It seems that when there's a hard frost, alfalfa can cause bloat in cattle.  Add to that the fact that we butchered Jody a few weeks ago because she failed to breed, and let's just say it's been a bad year all around for our herd.  That's all I'm going to say about that.    

No tears have been shed.  I'm numb.


Judy VanMeter said...

I won't say a word about the computer things. I don't know anything about them, I'm illiterate. I'd be lost without a laptop!

As for the cattle, I didn't see anything about Jennie's passing, but I am sorry about your misfortune with your bovine pets. It's just not fun or uplifting to lose part of your family (for a gentleman or lady farmer). I just hope for better times for you!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You need a little happiness in your life right now. Why not go for the new mac. We none of us can guess at the days we have left and that includes our selves as well as the cattle we own or the pets we have. So sorry to hear such bad news coming your way. I have the MacBook Pro laptop and love it. I wish I had gotten more memory but one of my son's says it's not so expensive and relatively easy to install. He can do it for me. That's on my Christmas list for this year. Sending lots of hugs your way today!

Margaret said...

It's hard enough to deal with one stressful or sad event, but a whole series of them? Sending you love and sympathy, Donna! I'm thinking I may go the Mac route next time. I have two Windows desktops(old though), my school Windows laptop and an Android tablet. That might be as much technological frustration as I can handle!! (plus I'm thinking about getting an iPhone)

Lori said...

Oh Donna, I'm so very sorry. I remember when Jenny first joined the herd, and I thought she was the prettiest little thing I'd seen. So very sorry.


POOR Jenny gone too. Sorry to hear that. I agree with Cliff.