Sunday, October 27, 2013

We play with poop at Woodhaven Acres

We had a wonderful family day around here.  The daughter's family came to spend some time, and her son showed up a little later with my two great-grandchildren.  Both of them are SO sweet and well-behaved... I really enjoyed watching their antics.  

I decided the little kids might enjoy a closeup encounter with a cow (yeah, one of my few remaining cows) and put a halter on Penny.  I led her toward the shop, and Kami slowly made her way to the heifer, reaching out a hand to pet her.  That's when Penny pooped, and that's when Kami decided not to pet the cow.  

Later, though, with a bit of coaxing and a promise that the cow would NOT poop again for awhile, she ventured close enough to pet her. 
Don't ask who the old lady in the background wearing the dirty sweatshirt is.  I know NOTHING.  

An hour or so after the cow deposited the poop in front of Cliff's shop, granddaughter Monica (a senior in high school, by the way) showed Kami how how to take small sticks and stand them up embedded in the cow pile.  Kami decided this was a fun exercise and joined in.  Too late, I decided to take a picture of the cow poop with sticks protruding out of it, just for the entertainment of my blog readers, and went to get my camera.  I say too late, because at the very minute I aimed my camera at this work of art, my grand-dog, Titan (the Great Dane), chose to grab one of the sticks in his mouth and take off with it.  Seeing this, my dog, Iris, also grabbed a stick.  In the process of doing this, they flattened the other sticks and it ruined the whole effect of the picture I was going to take.  You'll have to use your imagination.  

Here are my two great-grandchildren.  No poop involved.  


Rachel said...

If Penny were ever around when Kami poops, she'd make the same face.

We had a great time today. I needed that!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day! I will never have great-grandchildren during my lifetime, but I'm hoping for grandchildren! :-)


Chuckled over the poop art. Your great grandchildren are precious.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Family times are the best! and your great grands are adorable. Looks like you all had some nice weather to be outdoors too.