Tuesday, October 29, 2013

There comes a time

Yes.  There comes a time when nobody can insult you.  If you still feel insulted when someone doesn't agree with you, you aren't old enough, so just wait.  When you've been through enough battles, you stop caring who agrees with you and learn to think for yourself, no matter what.  I think the Internet brought me to this place.  Or, to be more specific, maybe it was Facebook.  

You eventually realize that there are always going to be people who think you are too religious, people who think you are not religious enough, some who think your religion is the wrong one, a few who think you shouldn't be religious at all... and those who couldn't care less.  

We all come from different backgrounds, which means we don't look at life in the same way.  In the old days, we would have stayed in our own little circles and never have realized how many ways there are of thinking, of living, of dealing with life.  

But now we have the Internet, and we are faced with all kinds of ideas and opinions.  We have the choice of turning off anything we don't agree with, but that just doesn't seem like an option to me, so I don't.  I welcome the opinions of my atheist friends, my left-wing and right-wing friends, my Catholic, protestant... insert any religion here.   

If you live in a mansion, I salute you.  A hut in the Congo?  I'm impressed!  You will never see me putting anybody down for the kind of house in which they live.  But if that's what makes you feel good, have at it.

The wonderful thing about the Internet (and Facebook) is that I can say what I think and pass on anything I wish to.  So can you.  We all have the option to ignore one another and stay in our own little circles, or we can watch, and perhaps learn something new.  

I'm not sure whether it's good or bad, but that's the way it is on the Internet.


Xavier Onassis said...

I for one certainly appreciate your tolerance of my opinions and I enjoy hearing your perspectives on stuff.

But we both need to keep an eye on The Russian.

There's something kinda, I don't know, "foreign" about him.

Margaret said...

Great post and so true about what we can learn from each other with the world opened up wide. As long as our minds stay open too, which yours certainly does.


I totally agree. It's why I love it so much.

Jon said...

Well said.
I only wish that it was as easy to delete people in person as it is on the Internet.....

Lori said...

Great post, and I SO agree! I liked the comments too. I recently realized that I don't get as bent out of shape as I used to about other people's opinions, so maybe I'm finally reaching that age as well.