Friday, October 04, 2013

From a 1962 Farm magazine

I'm tossing a lot of stuff in the trash lately.  Today I found some old "Successful Farming" magazines that are headed in that direction, but I decided to create a blog entry from my find first.  It's from 1962, the year I graduated.  
My parents and I had long since moved to the city, but most of my aunts and uncles still lived on farms.  I believe all of them subscribed to this magazine.  

It would still be five years before the D-17 Series IV came along, the style of tractor Cliff used as his main one for many years.  He has another one now just waiting for restoration.

I don't know if any of my relatives farmed with a John Deere.  Perhaps Uncle Paul, up in Iowa.  I didn't spend as much time at his place as I did at Uncle Leo's and Uncle Carl's, both Allis men.

Nowadays chickens are shoved into cages for their entire laying career, and the eggs fall down onto a conveyor as they come out of the hen (click HERE, if you dare).  
Nobody has to gather eggs anymore.  Except for people like me, who enjoy having chickens around. 

When Cliff and I married in 1966, he was driving a 1963 Chevy.  Oops, no he wasn't.  He had a '63 Ford.  He's always been a Ford man, for the most part.  Hey, I don't drive.  Don't expect me to remember anything about cars.    

All my Uncle Carl ever drove throughout the years of my childhood was pickups.  I loved riding in the pickup bed!


Anita said...

I dared to go to the video. I'm not shocked, but I'll never be immuned to such cruelty. Sad.

I love an occasional browse through an old magazine, but have finally tossed most that I had. My new motto is that I can't live in the present if I spend too much time in the past.


Too chicken to view the video. LOVED the cartoon at the end of your blog post, though. your house looks nice in the header.

Margaret said...

My husband loved Ford pick ups! Is that your house in your banner? It's beautiful!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That was a nice trip back in time anyway. I do like your new header showing the new/old house.

Back Porch Writer said...

Wow look at those old things! Love the pic of your house. It's charming and gives you "chi" as I say to look at (good feelings)! I hope all going well with moving back in.
Have a wonderful Saturday!

Jon said...

That '63 Ford Farm Pickup still looks pretty good to me.
I really like the farmhouse on your header photo!

Lori said...
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Lori said...

I enjoyed these pictures! Love reading old magazines and looking at the pictures and ads.