Sunday, October 13, 2013

Meet Clarissa

This is the look of a person who just jumped out of an airplane.  

I asked Clarissa for a brief explanation of how she got to this point.  I will insert her words right here, lest somebody scroll over the pictures and fail to read a very important message:

Awww well.. As you know..I was hopeless before I got sober July 19, 2010 my life was a mess, emotionally, physically, financially, it was all just really dark.. Dark enough for me to want to change. I hurt a lot of people, because I hurt so badly, but I didn't know how to quit on my own, so I found a place that helps for free, which as a single mom was a godsend.. And now being sober over 3 years, I just want to show other women who are sober that they can do anything they want as long as they stay sober. For me, being sober means I can actually fulfill my lifelong dreams, not just dream them, but actually have the courage and faith to know that it (whatever "it" is at the moment) can be done, and that hardships are just keys that unlock doors for amazing days like this one. I owe my life to the women who came before me that showed me how to live life sober, experience pain sober, experience happiness sober, and most importantly.. How to find God with sober eyes.

I met this lady online, back when she had a blog; she was a totally different person back then.  I met her briefly face-to-face when she came out to my property to look for mushrooms.  

Another person I first met online, Joe, took pictures of this momentous occasion and gave me permission to use them.

Joe said, "The 'Danger' warning seems a bit redundant on a garment you are wearing to jump out of an airplane, doncha think?"

She doesn't even look scared!  She brought a friend along to jump with her.

Her instructor's nickname is Crash.  

She and her friend are ready to go.  

Doesn't Joe take some awesome pictures?

Here they come!  

Yesterday I made the statement, "I wouldn't jump out of a plane for a million dollars."  But you know, I might, if I was fastened to somebody who knew what they were doing.  


Angela said...

Great story.

Jean said...

If you decide to jump don't forget the camera. Lol. I'm a coward. Great entry and picture's. I enjoyed.


Wonderful story.

CountryDew said...

Brave lady, in all respects.

Margaret said...

Inspiring story--but I still wouldn't jump out of a plane. Not a chance.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I jumped with an 87 year old named Esther, it was her first time. :) never say never. ;)

Lori said...

Good for Clarissa! Very inspiring, and a great way to celebrate being 3 years sober. Good for her, and I hope she continues to celebrate life.

P.S. Andrew's best friend's nickname is Crash too.