Friday, January 04, 2013

Thinking about my next dog

I wonder, is that anything like searching for my next husband while Cliff is still alive?  That won't happen, by the way.  Once you've had the best, you won't settle for less.  
Iris is still alive and healthy.  Why am I researching all these various breeds of dogs?  
My dog is a world-class champion hair-shedder, even worse than her predecessor, Sadie.  I have vowed to never again have a dog that sheds.  Iris is old; she may live another 10 years, but she is no spring chicken, and I want to be prepared.  
Cliff would love it if I could live without a dog, but that would be SO hard for me.  His second choice would be to have an outside dog.  I would be fine with that, except for the highway that isn't so far from our house.  You know, the highway where my dog Mandy was killed?  
So I am researching the non-shedding dog breeds.  
Poodles don't shed, but I've had one in the past.  They're smart, but they don't fit my personality.  
So why on earth would I be considering a Maltese?  It's one of the most prissy, foo-foo-type dogs in the world.

Sorta looks like something Liz Taylor would have as a pet, right?  Can you see me with this dog on my lap?  Can you imagine this dog going out to the pasture with me to fetch the cows?  I know, it doesn't seem like a good fit.  

But you see, I once met a Maltese in Texas.  He didn't look like the above picture.  He was cute, he was smart... and he SINGS!  

That's right.  When his mama plays piano, he sings.  He doesn't shed!  Yes, he has to be taken to the groomer's every few weeks or he'll look like that other picture, but I like him.  Apparently, all the non-shedding breeds have to be clipped from time to time.  From what I've seen on the Internet, Maltese dogs don't come cheap, so let's hope I can afford one if and when the time comes.  
Please don't tell Iris about this blog post, OK?  She has a home here for the rest of her life, but she won't live forever.  Yes, at my age I do realize that I'm liable to die before she does.  Whatever.  
If I outlive Iris, I want a female Maltese (I will have her spayed, of course).  I already have her name picked out:


And yes, I WILL be taking her to a groomer and getting her shorn regularly.  


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Maltese can be great dogs! You might have to take it to the groomer to keep its coat short unless you want to do it yourself.

Becky said...

So cute! When I was a kid I had a big poster of one that looked like the froo-froo type with barrettes in her hair. Always wanted one. They have to be brushed every day if you let the hair grow out. They get so matted. Totally sweet dogs tho.

Amy said...

My SIL has one....and I love him like one of my sweet and laid back... and you can do like I a hair clipping kit and do it yourself (I do my cocker spaniel all the time because she hates going to the groomers...)

Rockintnc said...

When I groomed dogs the clinic I worked out of had one. When she could get out of the building she'd head to the barn and look for horse apples. Looked funny carrying one in her mouth to take back inside! She thought she was a herding dog too. They are full of personality!

Hollie said...

I thought about a Maltese also before getting Mattie! OF course, I saw Mattie first and feel in love!! It doesn't hurt to be prepared...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There is no rule saying you couldn't have 2 dogs. I used to always have more than one for years. I think that breed of dog would be a good choice. All my dogs were house dogs. They spent time outdoors, but for the most part were indoors.