Saturday, June 09, 2012


We rode the motorcycle to Jamesport and ate at our favorite Mennonite place.  From there we went to Cameron to see my cousin, Gerald.  We were pleasantly surprised to find two of his daughters there whom I had not seen in years!  I'm not sure if they liked us crashing their party, but it was great from our point of view.  I had the opportunity to take pictures of some of Gerald's completed projects.

You won't see another one like this:  Gerald took the back of a Ford Ranchero and put it on a Mercury car.  He calls it a Merchero.
Below is a car he's currently restoring.  I did a video so you could hear it run, although the main thing you will hear is people talking.

Another work in progress.

How about a nice convertible?

I'm just throwing the following video for those who have way too much time on their hands.  24 Highway used to be the main route from Kansas City to St. Louis.  A small piece of the original is left, running perhaps twelve miles, from Lexington to Napoleon, Missouri.  On our way home yesterday I made a video, starting as we were leaving Lexington and ending up in my little home town, where the yearly fair is going on this weekend.  Cliff doesn't like Iris Dement, so he said he HAD to turn the sound off to enjoy the video.  He mentioned that it seemed like a bumpy ride; I agreed.  Then he said, "But then, I was going quite a bit faster than I usually do."
No kidding!


Rachel said...

I found me laughing at myself as I watched this. I thought things like "Wow, Sam has company." And, "That's not where the swing ride was last year." And, "Wonder who that was driving past my house in the truck?" LOL

Jon said...

I love those vintage cars!!!
And I enjoyed the ride from Lexington to Wellington.

darev2005 said...

Wow. He's a genius.

There's a man I'd buy a used car from!


LOVE the cars, especially the video. And the motorcycle ride wasn't bad at all.

Melissa Wiggins said...

I remember driving 24 to St. Louis. My father was so excited when 70 was completed. He was even more thrilled when I-70 finally crossed Kansas -- and we could drive to Colorado Springs almost all the way on a 4-lane. Jamesport is a fun trip -- glad to got to go before it gets too hot around here. MGW