Monday, June 25, 2012


I'll bet you thought I had given up on blogging.  Ha!  Never!  
Friday around mid-morning we got on the motorcycle and headed to St. Louis to visit Cliff's sister and her husband.  We usually go highway 50, the more scenic route; but it was getting later in the day, and I was afraid we were going to hit St. Louis at rush hour.  So we took I-70 to get there faster.  It wasn't a fun ride, but everything went well and we got to their house before either of them were off work.  They had given instructions on how to enter their home, so we relaxed and unwound in the comfort of the air conditioning.  Once they were both home, Charlene announced that they were taking us to a grocery store; sounds like a strange place to take visitors, but this was a grocery store the likes of which we had never seen.  You can read a press release about the Des Peres Schnucks HERE.  
There are many Schnucks stores in St. Louis, but none like this one.   

 Belly up to the bar and get a sample of beer or wine; an expert is there to help with your selection.  The samples, by the way, are full servings.  I saw people sipping drinks as they went about their shopping.  

 There's a walk-in wine and cheese cooler, with advice on what wine goes best with the cheese of your choice.  

 More cheese.  There's also a walk-in beer cooler, but I didn't get a picture of it.

 Street entertainers.  Only I guess you would call these guys store entertainers.  Brother-in-law Pat informed us that usually it's a blues band playing.

 Live lobsters.  

Chefs in a couple of locations will prepare your food.  If you feel like a steak, go to the meat counter in the grocery section and pick one out:  for five bucks, they will cook it for you and you can sit at the counter and eat it.  Feel free to buy a bottle of wine and bring it to your table to enjoy with the steak.  

 On the balcony, cooking school is in session.  

You can get a great view of the store from the balcony.

 The entertainers are still going strong.

Tired from all the shopping?  Have a seat and watch television for awhile.  

Cliff's birthday was the 16th of June, so Charlene bought him a carrot cake.  I found a bargain on Eight O'clock coffee, and bought my first watermelon of the year.  

The grocery prices at this store are the same as at all Schnucks locations.  I find most St. Louis grocery prices are a little higher than ours, but not too awfully much.  

It was a fun little expedition, and I have already put in my request to visit Schnucks again next time we're in St. Louis.  


Hyperblogal said...

I drink when I have to shop at Price Chopper.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

That sure is a fancy store!

Melissa Wiggins said...

I really like fancy grocery stores like this one. We used to have Schnucks here in KC but they sold out -- I think to Hi-Vee. What a fun visit. MGW

Angela said...

Our version of that is called The Fresh Market. Same concept; a lot of fun to walk through even if you have nothing to shop for...

Helen said...

Sounds interesting. Bet that cake was delicious.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A happy belated birthday to Cliff. That store looks like a great place to shop. We don't have any of those around here. It's probably a good thing at any rate! Our camping neighbors shared some of their watermelon with us last night and it was delicious. Glad you are back!

Robbyn said...

Wow, that would make a trip to the grocery store fun!!


Would you believe I just took a bite of a FREE carrot cupcake I got today, when I saw Cliff's cake. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to him. LOVE Schnucks. I would live there if I could. Our stores are so boring by comparison. Glad you're back. Check out the STEER picture I took when we went on a brief jaunt away from home. Take care.

Margaret said...

I love carrot cake, although our older daughter made a Hummingbird cake and I like that one even better!

nroden said...

I really enjoy visiting nice grocery stores. Of course, growing up going to Harold's/Dave's, anything more upscale seems like luxury.

Lori said...

Looks like an amazing place.