Friday, June 15, 2012

The MacGregor Ranch Museum

Tuesday after driving halfway through the Rocky Mountain National Park, Cliff and I went to the McGregor Ranch Museum.  It was about 2 P.M. when we arrived, and there were no other visitors there.  Closing time was 4 o'clock, and as it turned out, we had exactly the amount of time we needed to tour the place.  
I won't attempt to tell you the whole background story of the McGregors; you can read a lot of their histor at THIS SITE.  Their story is an interesting one.  
What fascinated me about this museum is that everything you see in the old ranch house actually belonged there.  The McGregors kept everything.  It's almost like stepping back in time to walk into the house.  Nobody went out and bought things from the proper period to add to the collection here.  It all belongs there.

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What a lovely place, the McGregor Ranch Museum is. Did I see a piano and an organ? Was that really the original sheet music. PRICELESS, indeed. LOVE the clothes hanging on the closet door. We do that here too. LOL GREAT photos.