Wednesday, June 27, 2012


As usual, my earliest zucchini plant has died.  There are no big gray squash bugs around; must be those little vine borers, although I haven't seen any.  

It seems to be trying to come back from the dead... I had that happen once, so we'll see.

Meanwhile, the zucchini I planted a month later is still thriving right beside it.

My earliest cukes are producing like crazy...

And my later-planted cucumbers are joining the work force.  

Yesterday I planted more cucumber seeds and zucchini seeds, and put the soaker hose all around them.

Perhaps because of the drought, the okra plants aren't even three feet tall, but we've already had okra once.  I think I only watered these one time.  

Here's the corn, with the late potatoes to the left.  I dug the early potatoes yesterday.  The onions from bulbs are nothing to brag about, but the ones from onion plants are huge.  From now on, I will only use plants, not bulbs.  

The main tomato crop, with potatoes on the right.  There is a wee bit of blight showing on the bottom of the tomato plants now, but I should get plenty of tomatoes before it does any harm.  

I've already pulled up my early green bean plants.  On this end, the later green beans are starting to bloom.  On the other end of the row, green beans are just now coming up.  I sorta like this shot of the monstrosity house being tipsy, don't you?  Two different families have made bids on the property, but so far it sits abandoned.  The house on the other side of us has sold, though.  

 These are tomato plants I started from seed in the garden and then transplanted to a different location.  They are probably three weeks behind my main tomato crop.  I like to have various crops planted at different times because sometimes if the early crop fails, the later one does all right.  

These poor scraggly tomatoes are ones I left where I originally planted the seeds, figuring I'd pull them up.  They have never been watered, but they're still kicking.  Now I'm going to see just what becomes of them.  Yesterday I got the last of the cabbage and the early beets out of the garden.
I am hauling in the biggest peppers I have ever raised.  I didn't even know sweet peppers would get that big!
July 20 through 30, I will be planting cabbage, green beans, and possible turnips.  August 1-10 I will plant beets, radishes, and lettuce.  We'll see how a fall garden does.  


Helen said...

Everything is looking good except that one squash plant. Mildew got on my daughters squash plant when it rained for a few days. Killed them all.

Margaret said...

I am VERY impressed!!We aren't exactly having a drought here, so nothing is ripening. :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What ever you are doing, you must be doing it right because your garden looks wonderful.

darev2005 said...

It's a good thing you guys are on a well. If I tried to grow a garden right now on city water it would cost me a fortune. Miserable hot and dry out there. I think they are going to cancel all of the fireworks displays.

krueth said...

Wow, your garden looks great. How fun to be able to plant later gardens too, for fall produce. We are lucky IF we get our ONE garden to grow and get the veggies off before the frost gets us up here in Northern MN... but mine is growing, I am so excited, its the first time I have ever planted a real garden. I have a box that I have put a couple tomatoes in and some beans or onions but this year mine is HUGE, 35x70 for my first try, I think I am crazy, ha! but its fun so far. Wendy


My how your garden grows. It looks fabulous. Hope that zucchini plant gets a second wind.