Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We went for a walk

Cliff and I were driving through the Rocky Mountain National Park today.  Upon arriving at the tundra stop, I saw a path leading up the mountain.  A sign said that if you followed the path to the end, you would have ascended 1,000 feet.  It didn't look like the path led very far, and we had not gone for a walk today.  

 Upward we trudged.

 Looking ahead, we saw lots of other people.  The walk couldn't be that tough.

 Of course, we really couldn't see the end of the path.

Remember, the thin air is hard on us Missouri folks, not to mention the wind that was blowing about fifty miles per hour.  So we were really moving slowly.  But I kept telling Cliff, "It will be much easier going back downhill.

 Behold the mushroom rocks.  We went on up there to see them close-up.

 This proves that I made it that far.

The path went on upward.  Had we wanted to ascend to higher ground, we would have taken a right turn.  We took a left turn and went back to the car.  We had been gone almost an hour and I was totally exhausted.  Whew.  On the way back, I said, "Cliff, did you notice we were the fattest people who went that far on the path?" 

I think we deserve a reward for that.  


Rachel said...

Wow! I got winded coming home from the fair! LOL Glad you're having fun.

P.S. I'm fine. Promise.

nerves05 said...

Thats funny.. Cliff your a trip..
I'm glad you guys had fun.
I would have been pooped out too. That looks to be quite a hike and pretty steep. It looks to be very beautiful up there..

Hyperblogal said...

Holy Crap Batman... one day at the fair, the next in the mountains... I can't keep up with you two...

Helen said...

Pretty scenery. Those skies are such a beautiful blue.

darev2005 said...

There was a time in my life where I could have run up that trail carrying a fifty pound backpack. Now I got tired just looking at the pictures.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

That is really cool! I'm glad you took the hike!

Angela said...

That altitude will get you. When we lived there (around Colorado Springs anyway), my husband was in the best shape of his life. Of course, he was 20-something and in the Army, but that man could conquer almost any mountain trail while running with a pack on his back.

Yeah... and that makes me tired just thinking of it.

Beautiful pictures!


It's GORGEOUS there. CONGRATULATIONS you two. That was quite the effort and accomplishment. ENJOY!