Friday, June 01, 2012

We went tractor shopping today

Indeed, we went all the way to St. Joseph, Missouri.  We did not go prepared to bring a tractor home.  We were in the car.  
Cliff found this Oliver 550 tractor on Craigslist:  the guy was asking $4,500 for the tractor, a blade, a rotary mower, a disc and a plow.  We weren't interested in the implements, just the tractor.  
Keep in mind that in the past year, Cliff sold two Oliver 550's and a Super 55, which is older, but similar. I wanted an Oliver 550 for memory's sake because we had one, back in the 1970's.  Those were good times.  I wanted to keep one of those 550's he sold.  He owes me.
So we made the trip up I-29, one of the busiest stretches of freeway I've seen this side of St. Louis.  Wow. 

 The hood isn't on the tractor, but the guy has it.  We saw it, and it's in good shape.  Since Cliff wants to buy the tractor to restore and haul to tractor shows (now that he's in a tractor club), it makes a big difference whether the metal is dented and beat up.  

 There is one particular BIG bonus with this circa 1973 tractor:  The tires have hardly any wear on them.  New back tires would set us back about $1,000 bucks.  You NEVER find tires this good on an old tractor.  

Cliff is very familiar with this particular model, so he knew what to look for.  There are some things that need fixing, but nothing he can't do himself.  
So he made an offer for the tractor only. 
The guy called a while ago and accepted the offer; not only that, he's going to deliver it FREE.  
We are happy campers.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Oh boy, that will keep Cliff happy and busy!

Sister--Three said...

Larry is jealous of this find.


Another project for Cliff's MAN CAVE. Seriously it's a GOOD looking tractor. Never gave much thought to tires on them. That's a good chunk of change. Glad you found a bargain. ENJOY!