Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More St. Louis stuff

After spending time at the Budweiser Brewery, we went to get a close look at the Gateway Arch.  By this time the temperature was rising sharply.  

 Cliff and I have driven by the Arch many times, but this time we got a closer look.

 It's BIG.

 You can actually go to the top of the Arch; I have added this to my bucket list.  Cliff will not be joining me, since he has issues with heights.  
From the Arch, we strolled to Laclede's Landing, downtown St. Louis' oldest district, in search of lunch.  

 Hannegan's turned out to be an excellent choice.  Cliff and I shared a huge Reuben sandwich with corned beef piled high.  It was a more-than-adequate meal.  

We enjoyed our meal outside in spite of the heat.  
Sunday morning we tried to get an early start, since the forecast was for temperatures in the upper nineties.  We left at 8:30 with Pat and Charlene ahead of us.  It sure was nice to see them up there once again, and hear their Harley roar.  

 There's lovely country around St. Louis. 

We ate lunch before we got to Jefferson City and Charlene and Pat turned back toward home.  The heat was oppressive; I felt like we were riding inside a giant blow-dryer.  I was actually feeling a little woozy until we stopped at Jefferson City and I bought us a couple of Gatorade-type drinks.  
We weren't all that far from home at Concordia, but Cliff felt we needed to stop and cool off.  That was probably a wise decision.  We pulled into McDonald's and got indulged in a frappe, which will cool you off from the inside out.  
Home looked good to us and the air conditioning felt heavenly.  Looking at the ten-day forecast, something tells me we won't be taking any long motorcycle trips for awhile.  Maybe just a short jaunt once in awhile during the morning hours.  


kcmeesha said...

I've been on the top of the Arch, it's not that exciting. Plus now they got metal detectors and longer lines. Cliff won't lose much.


You should go to the top of the arch. I think the trip up, in those little elevators thingies is MORE fun than when you see the view. It's an experience for sure. Love St. Louis. All your high temps are headed my way. Going to be 98 here Thursday and Friday. STAY cool.

Angela said...

I'm with Cliff. I don't do heights. Especially close, cramped metal boxes dependent upon a cable-type heights.

But, hey, if he's anything like me, he'll gladly sit in the shade somewhere waiting for you to cross something off your bucket list. =)