Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shopped till I dropped

This isn't my grocery cart; I swiped the picture off the Internet.  Mine was this full, though.

This was the second month of my trying to buy enough of everything possible for thirty days.  I allow $280 a month for groceries.  Groceries includes personal products such as shaving cream, deodorant, toilet paper, and so forth.  My cow provides our milk, and she has been providing our beef for two years.  The garden is really starting to help us out with groceries, too.  Today we had fried green tomatoes, Harvard beets, and corn-on-the-cob.  The corn was frozen from last year, but hey... it came from my garden.  
Both last month and this month, $200 of our $280 was gone on the big monthly shopping trip.  It's OK, because the little that was left was enough for our weekly bananas, lettuce, and other perishables.
This was shopping day, since today was the day Cliff's Social Security showed up in the bank.  If you happen to go grocery shopping on any Wednesday, look around:  You will see a lot of old people in the store.  I get paid the second Wednesday in the month; Cliff gets his money on the third Wednesday.  
I normally like to get an early start on our shopping and get back home in time to fix dinner (noon).  However, we sold our hot tub on Craigslist... practically gave it away, but it's better than letting it sit here using electricity for nothing.  We just didn't use it that much any more.  The buyers wanted to come and look at it this morning just as we were heading toward "the Walmarts", so we returned home and waited.  They had it loaded by noon and were hauling it off.  I have a back porch to sit on now! 
Have I ever told you that I generally take a little nap in my recliner after dinner?  That didn't happen today, because I wanted to get the shopping done.  We were totally out of a few items.  So we ate, had a cup of coffee, and left.  
I hit Aldi and Walmart in Blue Springs.  Unfortunately, Blue Springs Walmart has decided to only stock the pelleted kind of salt for water softeners, and ours does best with the other kind.  Orcheln's in Higginsville has the kind of salt we need.  Cliff needed some tractor stuff from there, I had forgotten to buy soaker hoses for my garden (Walmart), and I wanted to take advantage of the $1.77 per pound bacon in Lexington.  So we unloaded groceries, I put most of them up, and we went to Higginsville.  

Somebody just shoot me!  On the bright side, Sonic had half-priced shakes all day today, so we took advantage of that.   


Adirondackcountrygal said...

I get $60 in child support tomorrow so I'm going to go to the store and see what we can get to last us to Tuesday when I get another $40 and then I get my SS on the 4th Wed. My husband went to the food pantry today.. so that helped. He needs to get a job, even if its part time. I was even thinking of going back to work but I'm so darn tired all the time.. oh well.


Grocery shopping is a chore, for sure. But I've made it an art form. LOL Do they have a seniors day there where they give you a BIG discount. Some places give up to as much as 30%. You are doing pretty good with the milk, beef and veggies from home. Can't believe you sold the hottub. But that porch sounds pretty spacious without it. ENJOY.

Melissa Wiggins said...

We get out social security the last Wednesday of the month - and I'm praying that we will have enough money for groceries by the 3rd week of the month (we haven't received a check yet -- my first one comes this month). I'm impressed you can stand going to WalMart -- I know it's cheaper but the lines in those stores drive me nuts. Sorry to read that you lost an internet friend - they mean as much to us as those we see weekly. MGW

Cliff said...

Make sure you have plenty of bacon and mayo. The tomatoes will be ready soon.

Lori said...

Sounds like you made the most of your shopping day though!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have never gone shopping for a whole month before. It would be nice though to have it over and done in one day. Hope your Thursday is more relaxing!

Missie said...

I commend you for being able to get all your shopping needs for that amt each month. You don't even want to know what I spend each week. Surely more than you spend monthly. Maybe I should take lessons from you.