Sunday, June 03, 2012

Mama Kitty teaches her children to hunt

Warning:  A wild rabbit is going to die at the end of this story; the pictures aren't terribly graphic, but if the death of a rabbit bothers you, you may want to move along. 

Cliff and I were sitting in the living room when he exclaimed, "What's Mama Kitty got now?  It's big, whatever it is!"  

I grabbed the camera and ran to see:  It was a young rabbit, almost the size of her growing kittens.  I followed her to the front of the barn; she laid her prize down for her two girls...

  and then gave the task over to them.  Notice how she watches closely in the background.  What you can't see is her tail twitching as she watches.  

The girls aren't quite sure what to do with something this big.  Usually Mama brings them mice or moles.  Now, watch what happens next.  It turns out the bunny isn't as dead as we thought.  Mama Kitty has to save the day.  

Did you see her spring into action?  Now we know why she feels it necessary to sit close by on the sidelines.  Sometimes these youngsters don't pay close attention to detail.  

Mama Kitty stops the bunny and once again moves to the sidelines, tail twitching to indicate that if the kids mess up again, she will step in.

Now the real hunter moves in:  That's Jakie, the only boy of the litter, and he seems to end up with most of the takeout meals Mom brings home.  He will do the killing.  Obviously Mama has lots of trust in him, because she has now turned her back (although she is ever vigilant).  

Say good night, Rabbit.  

Notice any similarity?

I was touched by the inborn wisdom of Mama Kitty.  She only interfered when necessary.  She is teaching her children to survive, knowing they won't always have her around.


Jackie said...

Okay, while I hate to see anything hurt or killed, this was quite interesting, as your blogs generally are! :) Question for you. After the kill, do they eat the rabbit, or just leave it there as a trophy of sorts? Just curious..

Donna said...

I don't know if they consume the whole thing, but they do start out eating it once it's dead.


This reminded me of the first time I saw my outdoor cat Midnight capture prey. Like yours it was a rabbit. That cat skinned it alive and dropped it on my garage floor dripping blood. I thought I was going to die, it upset me so. But it is nature at work and one has to accept these things. Momma knows what she's doing.

nerves05 said...

I think this is really neat to watch nature. Just something inside them that just knows what to do.
I always just watch in aw..

Lori said...

That was really well done! Mama Kitty is a good Mama!