Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I've lost my Nook E-reader (and I don't much care)

Gradually over the past couple of months, I have put my Nook aside because I've found I prefer reading books on the Ipad Nook app.  Sometimes it was handy to have both, for instance when Cliff was reading one book and I was reading another; however, it's rare for Cliff to read fiction during the spring, summer, and fall.  
So I'm in the process of reading "Child 44", which was a Free Fridays selection some time back (excellent book).  For the last couple of days, when I go to my book on the Ipad, it's been telling me that I opened several books on different pages on "another device".  That would be my Nook.  
Today it hit me that I haven't seen or used the actual Nook in awhile, only the Ipad app.
Somebody has my Nook!  I looked around the house in the usual places, but I didn't find it.  
I called Nook support and explained what happened; my Nook is now useless to anyone who tries to use it.  If I should find it, I can call and get it working again.  
The worst part of this whole mess is my trying to explain it to Cliff, because he doesn't understand the difference between a Nook and an Ipad.  I told him all he has to realize is that the Nook is an $80 device, while the Ipad is (or was when I bought it) worth about $600.  
That was something he understood.  
All is well.


Margaret said...

Weird! When was the last time and where was the last place you remember using it?

Donna said...

Margaret, I honestly can't recall. I've used the Ipad so much lately. I know I did not take it to St. Louis last weekend.


They should have some kind of feature built in, so you can call it to see where it is??? LOL Hope you FIND it, Donna. I read more on my tablet than my Kindle too. But because I want to read outside in the bright sunshine, I can't do that. My Kindle is outdated, it's so old. So I've been eyeing that NOOK, SIMPLE TOUCH with GLOWLIGHT. They did not have any in stock for my birthday. But I think I'm going to bite when they get some in. Take care.

Angela said...

I am in total love with my nook tablet... love the apps, love the reading, love it all. My girl is satisfied with my old nook basic (which is why I don't let her near my tablet). Lol.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sure hope that you find the nook. It would be interesting to see who has been using it. Hope it is someone in the family and not a stranger. I pads are nice and do just about everything. I won't get one as it is way too expensive for me. My kindle works just fine and it was a gift. Free books are wonderful !

blazensun said...

I would be lost without my kindle fire. It goes everywhere with me.

Lisa said...

I bet the ipad is better, lol

Rachel said...

It's probably in Colorado.