Saturday, December 10, 2011


I'm doing a lot of reading; since getting the Nook over a year ago, you could say there's a renaissance of reading around here.  The ability to check out library books from home is an amazing gift.  
When I check out a digital library book, it's mine to read for two weeks.  This gives me plenty of time to finish it.  If it's a good one, three or four days is all I need. 
I've also found it allows adequate time for Cliff to read the book after I've finished.  When we went on our road trip, I started reading John Sandford's "Buried Prey" aloud, but I didn't even get a third of the way through it.  I finished it yesterday, and now Cliff is at it.  I'm sure I've read books by John Sandford before, but it's been a long time.  Once the action started, this book held my interest just fine.  It reminds me of the television show "CSI", only not so ridiculous.    
Sometimes, as I'm reading a book, I'll say to myself, "Cliff would really like this."  
I haven't been wrong yet.  
This actually works out OK, since I do most of my reading in the morning before Cliff gets up or during the day when he's outside.  He reads in the evening.  I can't concentrate if the television is on, or if music is playing; I'm too easily distracted.  Another problem is that in the afternoon and evening, I tend to fall asleep when I try to read. 
So the sharing works out fine.  Cliff reads when I can't. 
Still, I think it would be nice if we each had our own Nook.  
Oh Santa?  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sharing is nice when it works out so well but I'm sure that there are times when you could use 2 of those nooks there. I haven't read any books by that author but it is always good to enjoy a good book and I do plenty of that. Hope your Saturday is a great one!

Michaele said...

My girls are getting Kindle Fire's for Christmas. Already I am frustrated that I can't buy them paperbacks.

Midlife Mom said...

I bought a Kindle Fire for our adopted grandson for Christmas. He wants it for reading and the other things that it does but I hope he mostly reads. It us such a gift to be able to read and learn so many different things about people and places. I have always loved to read way back to the Hardy Boy Mysteries and Nancy Drew.

That YouTube with Lucy and Desi is a howl!!!!

Margaret said...

We get library books for 21 days which is nice for me. I generally have 2-5 library books on my tablet at a time. It was GREAT when I was going to NYC because if one book wasn't interesting to me at the time, another one was. I would never haul 5 actual books with me on a trip! I'm glad you liked the Sandford; I really enjoyed that one. It was very suspenseful!!


A NOOK for Cliff from Santa sounds like a GREAT idea. Sharing is nice but having your own is even better.

Cliff said...

Sounds like you can read Cliff like a book. er nook.