Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hamburger stew

OK, I'm now getting requests for the recipe for hamburger stew.  Folks, there is no exact recipe; it's SOUP, for heaven's sake.  It's nothing more than vegetable-beef soup, using browned ground beef for the meat.  You can pretty much make it the way you like it.  However, I did an entry a couple of years ago telling how RuthAnn told me to make it; you'll find that entry HERE.  
I won't be making much hamburger stew this winter because I have an abundance of soup bones from the last steer we butchered.  


Margaret said...

There is nothing tastier than homemade soup in the winter!


Thank you. Sounds yummy for a cold winter day. Take care.

krueth said...

Yummm! Nothing better than a hot bowl of soup on a cold and bitter winter day! Of course, up here in northern MN we are BROWN, I am loving every day we have with no snow LOL people up here are either so happy with it or so mad that we will not have a white Christmas. Christmas is about Jesus birth and getting together as family, so no snow is not a big deal to me. Have a Merry Christmas, Enjoy reading your blog, you are quite a hoot with your humor :-) Wendy