Monday, December 19, 2011

Everybody has a diet plan

And none of them seem to work, at least for me.  Every once in awhile I'll look at some new book on the market and realize it's just the same old stuff, wrapped up in new packaging.  
One thing that a lot of experts seem to agree on lately is that the low-carb plans seem to work.  Unfortunately, Cliff and I are addicted to carbs, and we already eat too much meat; we have no business adding more to our diet.    
What has worked in the past for me and Cliff is just plain old portion control, along with ditching the fried foods and desserts.  There have been times we lost weight like crazy, just because I stopped cooking the fatty stuff and began measuring portions.  
The worst problem with Cliff is that he wants either bread or crackers with everything he eats.  Lentil stew is wonderful stuff, but it's sort of a vegetarian chili.  Chili requires crackers (even for me).  
Right now we're on the old Christmas binge anyhow; I'll be making a cheese ball at some point this week... here we go with the crackers again.  But it will soon be time to pay the piper, and I'm already trying to formulate a plan.  Part one of the plan will be to stay away from Pizza Hut; this is getting easier, since their pizza just isn't as good as it used to be; they're scrimping on cheese.  

And now, a rant.  I have never watched a single Dr. Oz show, one reason being that Oprah is the one who made him famous, and I don't intend to put her in charge of my life.  Who set her up as a health expert?  Remember how many times she told her audience she had a miraculous new way to lose weight?  And remember how many times she put all her lost weight back on?  Yeah, just like I've done so many times.  
Anyhow, I suppose I have no right to rant about a show I've never watched, but it's my blog and I'll rant when I feel like it.  
I've heard (and seen on the Internet) people quoting Dr. Oz as though he were some sort of god (usually people who have more headaches and health problems than the average person, so his advice must not work so well).  Seriously?  You are getting your medical advice from somebody on television?  Somebody who believes you can talk to the dead?  A guy who has a psychic on his show and actually promotes him?  
And now he's teamed up with Weight-Watchers.  I'm sure there's money in there for him somewhere.
Give me a break.  

My blog, my opinions.  Feel free to comment, but please keep it civil.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Portion control and exercise are usually the best way to maintain a healthy weight. I usually do well with the portions but not exercising. Still I haven't had to change clothing sizes in a few years so I guess I'm maintaining...I'm enjoying all the holiday goodies too. Christmas only comes once a year after all.


No diet, No plan to be on one. Tried them all. About 8 or 9 years ago, I lost over 150-160lbs. Kept it off for about 5 years. I did it walking 4-9miles a day. It felt GREAT to walk. But I didn't recogonize the new me, when I was whittled away next to nothing and saw myself in the mirror. I was miserable. Also add to the fact I wore out both my knees with all the walking. They need to be replaced. So when that stopped, weight crept back on. Medication added more. BUT I am happy to be who I am. You can be healthy and fat. I kid you not. Far TOO much attention is paid to diets that NEVER work. Back in the old days folks weren't obsessed with their waistlines. Most were NOT overweight. Some were downright skinny. And look at all the things they ate that would be deemed unhealthy. You do what you have to do to keep yourself happy. But a few extra pounds here or there is not the end of the world. PS) I agree with you about Dr. Oz. Can't stand him or any other TV doctor or know it all.

Margaret said...

My weight problem usually consists of 5-10 pounds that I put on in winter when I'm not as active. In the summer, it's light and I run(and mow the lawn) plus walk or sometimes play tennis. I've always hated the sensation of being full, so that helps. However, I am also addicted to carbs!!

Tawnya said...

Don't like Oprah. Don't like Dr.Oz. Don't really like Dr.Phil (who is not a real Dr. btw, he has a Master's degree, not a doctorate). I never watch them at all. I hate when people jump on the next fad thing like the Adkins diet some years ago.. For me, I am down to one Pepsi a day because I do not drink coffee and I drink sugar free drinks the rest of the day. I feel great. Although I do have migraines and they are sometimes from the weather, so it will be a 2 Pepsi day that day. I lost some weight. I am happy. If it works for you then it works for you. We are all different..

Calfkeeper said...

Rant away; I am with you all the way. The main thing that worked for me to lose weight was to journal it. Write down EVERYTHING that passes your lips. Keep a journal of that for a week or two; then go back and count up all the calories you've eaten. It'll inspire you to try to cut more calories out of your diet.