Friday, December 02, 2011

The Kennedys

I set my DVR to record "The Kennedys", a series on Reelz channel, some time ago.  
I downgraded our Directtv package recently, so we no longer have that channel, but we still had that series on the DVR.  
Tonight Cliff and I finally got around to watch the five episodes of "The Kennedys" that I actually managed to record.  Wow, what a great series.
So many memories.  And yes, I do remember exactly where I was when I got the news that President Kennedy had been shot.  
Something else I recall, though, is that when he was running for office, everyone in my little world was afraid that if a Catholic won the election, the Pope would rule our country.  
Good grief, were we all nuts?    
As we were watching the episodes, Cliff and I agreed that things were better back when the press didn't feel it necessary to tell the public about every little indiscretion the President committed.  We think it would work out better if they would leave a man's private life alone.  
But that's just us.



I agree. The media gets in a person's face way too much these days. It's unsettling.

Margaret said...

And people's fears are just as irrational as they were back then, sadly. I agree that we intrude too far into the PRIVATE lives of the candidates and politicians. It seems to be what people want to judge them by.

Cliff said...

I wouuld agree but not vetting or turning a blind eye to an individual's past is just as dangerous. NOW we learn that when it's too late.
Yes I remember the prayer meetings to help defeat the Catholic.

Lindie said...

I guess most of us remember where we were when we heard Kennedy was killed. I was living on Cape Cod in a tiny trailer. I held my baby and paced back and forth and cried. I remember thinking what will happen next? We went over to their compound and there were hundreds of people there standing around stunned. I also remember where I was when his brother was shot.