Monday, December 26, 2011

In Cliff's shop

Cliff washed the car yesterday.  Today he is waxing it.  

When we were newlyweds, he washed and cleaned out his car every week or two, and waxed it every month or so.  These days tractors get most of his attention, but he still keeps the car looking pretty good.  

Twelve ounces of this stuff costs $34.95.  Cliff says it's worth it; he makes it last quite a while, using it quite sparingly.  That's Glare polish, in case you are interested (and wealthy).

I bought this hair-remover glove at the Walmarts today for three bucks, hoping it might get rid of some of Iris' loose hair.

It got rid of some hair.  I also have a Furminator, but it seems to hurt Iris, so I hate to use it on her often.  

If you click on the above picture to make it larger, you'll see Iris dozing in her favorite spot in the shop, right beside the wood stove.

 See how shiny the car is looking in this picture?  You can see my guitar case in the background; Cliff always has his satellite radio going, and I decided to strum along to the country music on Willie's Roadhouse.  My fingers need to get toughened up.  By the way, this is not where Cliff parks the car; it is kept in the garage next to our home.

On the way back to the house, I noticed the two young cats all snuggled up on the cows' hay.  


Lindie said...

We had a wood stove like that when my husband first retired from the Air Force and we moved back to Missouri to save up to build our log house. We lived in an old farm house with no insulation and the only heat came from that stove. Felt like I was camping!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Great pictures, that is a spacious garage, I think it is bigger than our house! :) I see that you have no snow either.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your car looks wonderful and puts mine to shame for sure. It hasn't had a bath since August when I got it from my son. There are few dog hairs from his dogs still in it as even though he tried, he couldn't get them all out. I don't know now if it will get a good cleaning out before spring comes. I've got a garage, but there is no heat in it. Snow is coming our way tomorrow.


Cliff's some guy to give his car all that attention. LOOKS WONDERFUL. Ours here get an ocassional bath at the local car wash, that's it. The Furminator sounds scary. But I understand the hair problem too well. Our cats constantly shed. Iris looks so comfy sitting by the stove and your kitties look equally happy out on the hay.

patsy said...

I notice cliff is setting down to wax the car. things just creap up on you and before you know it you are finding ways to do jobs in a setting positionthe car looks good but at that price it should.