Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Evidently I've lost some of mine, but Cliff's scruples are in fine shape.  
Someone we know went to the World War I Museum Sunday.  I was asked if we wanted to use their tickets, because the tickets are good for two days.  Since the museum is closed on Monday, that meant we could get in free on Tuesday.  We went to bed Monday night making plans to go to the museum.  
As we were getting ready to go yesterday, Cliff said, "I don't feel right about using those tickets."  
I told him I had no problem with it.  One reason I was glad for the free tickets was that there is no more money budgeted for that kind of thing this month. 
Now, when I talk about "no money in the envelopes", please don't think we are poverty-stricken.  We have some money in checking, and there is money in Cliff's billfold.  However, it isn't a budget if you keep breaking the rules.  Besides, a week from today the envelopes will all be full again; we can cut corners until then.  
Cliff has even offered to "loan" me money from his stash, and I could pay him back next Wednesday.  I won't do that because it would mean I'd be starting out behind next payday.  
So we didn't say much more about those tickets, but I knew I had to come up with some money, or Cliff would be uncomfortable all day.  So I got the two rolls of quarters I'd been saving for whatever frivolous thing might come up and handed them to Cliff.  
"Here's the twenty bucks for our admission."  
"Why are you giving me this?"
"Because if you don't feel right about it, it isn't right."  
The lady in the gift shop where we bought our tickets seems to think it was a little strange that two old fogies were paying her with a couple of rolls of quarters, but that's OK.  
Cliff got to keep his scruples.  
Uncle Sam is giving us a raise in January.  Between the two of us, we'll have $100 more a month.  Yippee!


darev2005 said...

A very wise man once said "A man has to know his limitations."


Something to be said for scruples. When your head touches the pillow each night you have to be content with the decisions you made that day. If Cliff rested easier that night for using the quarters instead of your friend's tickets, that's a GOOD thing, whatever it cost. Take care.

madcobug said...

I am about like Cliff is. To each his own though. Helen

Anonymous said...

Donna, I think this is an amazing story. What our country needs is more people like Clif. Too bad Jon Corzine doesn't have any scruples. And it appears most other people in our government. Karen

Paula said...

I like Cliff's scruples.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like Cliff's scruples too. Sure wish more people had some just like his.

Margaret said...

I'm with Cliff. And you know that museums like that probably get run on a shoestring, so good for you for helping them out!

Fernan said...

We've got an old Crossroads village park near us. They've even got one them Hooterville steam train's running on an old track not more than a couple miles from us. (The original commercial RR right’a’way dissects this farm.)
Tickets at $13.00@ that place is beyond our budget. It'd be pretty this time of year decorated and all, and I'd have to use the Cushman. walking for Frieda's out of the question, to much, particularly evening would likely add up to too much for me. But would they let us in? It isn’t the season for a confrontation with some pig headed ticket taker.
For all the contribution our family has made to this enterprise we've been forgotten without even a peek or honorable mention.
Bah Humbug! };^))
Oh yeah, maybe you wont want to mind me!

Lori said...

I've always tried to live by, and teach my kids to live by, "if it goes against your conscience, then it's wrong; don't sin against your conscience."