Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Something to do on a rainy day

Cliff and I have visited the World War I Museum before, but there was plenty of stuff we didn't see, so today we returned.  We arrived around 10 o'clock; unfortunately, so did three busloads of middle school kids.  We got herded in with them, and I have to say, it was a little scary.

So we got to watch the opening movie with some of the kids.  The movie tells a little about how the big war got started.  
We toured the place until noon, went out to the car to eat our lunch, and returned to the museum.  We still didn't see every single thing, but at three o'clock, Cliff said, "We'd better get out of here, or we'll get stuck in rush hour traffic."  
"But I wanted to pay a quick visit to Union Station," I said.  
Cliff was pretty sure we could walk there, so we asked a guy who works at the museum.  He told us how to get there.  
It looked like a long way down there, and there was light rain falling.  Wow, look at all those city geese.

I made up a new game on the way, a game called "See if you can keep from stepping on the goose poop."
After jaywalking across a couple of streets, we arrived at Union Station.  

Cliff said that tree must be twenty-five feet tall, but I told him I'm pretty sure it's twenty-seven-and-a-half feet tall.

Santa was at the end of this hall.  Since I haven't been a very good girl this year, I didn't wait in line to see him.

Then we had to jaywalk again and walk ALL THE WAY up a hill to Liberty Memorial.  Whew.  Oh well, we needed our daily walk.  

And while rush hour had started when we headed home, there were no delays.  It's been a pretty good day, for a rainy one.


darev2005 said...

Sounds like it was a good day, even with the rain. I usually try to go to museums in the evenings, an hour or two before closing time. Very few school tours at that time. The places are usually much quieter.

small farm girl said...

Union Station is beautiful! Loved the 27 1/2. lol. Looks like you guys had fun.


Union Station was worth the trip in the rain. That TREE was GORGEOUS. Love everything about that place. Glad you had fun.

nroden said...

It sounds like a good day to me. I can't wait until I'm married so I have someone to do all these things with, although I may not have time until I'm retired.