Friday, December 02, 2011

Cats... then and now

Way back last summer a cat family consisting of a mother and two daughters was abandoned when neighbors moved away.  I reluctantly started feeding them in my barn, partly because I felt sorry for them, but also because mice and rats had been showing up more often than I like.  
Now, I've had trouble in the past with cats climbing on the window screens and causing some damage, so I hoped the cat family would stay away from the house.  I have never once petted any of these cats, and if they get too close I give them the boot.  Not real hard, mind you, but enough to discourage them away from under my feet.  This has served to make them very wise, so they can now estimate exactly how close they can get to me without getting kicked.  You'd love it if you could see me vainly swinging a toe at any of the three.  I miss, every time.  They laugh.  
I did not intend at any time for the cats to come near the house.  I only feed them in the barn.  And yet, when I open the front door, I often see a couple of cats scurrying off the porch from their comfortable perch on our porch chair.  They aren't stupid; even though I don't feed them at the house, they know I live in the house, and they hope to persuade me to feed them a little extra.  
They have yet to climb on a screen, so I guess they got the memo I sent them about that.
Lest you think I'm a terrible cat mom, I'd like to show you a picture of them when they first moved to our place:  

Mom is on the right.  All three were scrawny, and that calico was downright sickly.  

Here they are this morning in the barn, eating their generic Walmart cat food.  Cliff says they are "slick as moles".   


madcobug said...

They sure have grown and filled out. Looking pretty. Helen


They look healthy and well fed. Walmart and you did good. All they need besides the food is a little TLC. I have to admit to being CRAZY about CATS. So I'm rooting for them to completely win you over. I know it's a stretch, but stranger things have happened. LOL Take care. I enjoyed the pics.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Being a city gal, we have had house cats. Now I do know that there is a difference in the way you treat them when they are barn cats but I'd be hard fetched not to be petting them now and then. Glad they are doing a good job for you.

Jon said...

Wow, Donna, I can certainly relate to this! My neighbor moved and abandoned nearly a dozen cats. Animal Control helped me find homes for most of them but I still have three left. They are very friendly and stare in my windows all day. It's extremely unnerving. I wish I had a barn where they could go, but I don't. I've been going broke buying cat food. I would adopt them but I already have my own jealous indoor cat.

Amy said... that Calico! I wonder if I can talk Jesse into another cat.... hee hee heeeee....

Lori said...

Fat and sassy!