Monday, December 05, 2011

We had a nice Sunday

The daughter's family was here, and my two oldest grandchildren:  Arick, with his girl friend Heather, and his sister Amber, with their mom.  Also Cliff's sister next door, with her son and his girl friend.  
There was too much food, of course.  In the old days I would have tossed all of it so we could get back to eating properly, but I haven't been able to bring myself to do that just yet; we're on a budget, you know.  I'll freeze some of the ham and roast beef in sensible portions for later use.  The lemon cake goes into the freezer in carefully wrapped single portions; Cliff loves cake!  After sending some noodles home with the granddaughter, there really aren't that many left, so we'll probably eat noodles for dinner.  
As unhealthy as it is, I'm going to have a piece of pie for breakfast.  It's just too hard for me to throw something that tasty in the trash (or give it to the barn cats).  Cliff is having rolls with ham for his breakfast.  We'll get back to normal eating in a couple of days.  
Speaking of pie, here's something I posted on Facebook yesterday:

Granddaughter Amber was eating a piece of pie I made, and said to her mom, "Now THIS is what pumpkin pie should taste like." 
Her brother Arick said, "That probably isn't really pumpkin. Grandma uses something else." 
Amber says, "I don't care what it is, it's delicious." 
Arick says to me, "What is it you use instead of pumpkin, Grandma?" 
"Squash," I told him.
I wish you could have seen the look on Amber's face. She finished her piece of pie, but all of a sudden she didn't seem to like it so much. 

The look on her face was priceless, but she'll probably never eat a piece of my pie again.  Although the girl is grown, she is my pickiest grandchild when it comes to food.  It used to bother me, but these days I don't fret when she eats nothing but noodles at our family dinners.  If a kid is in her twenties and still makes an effort to come visiting her grandparents regularly, she can get away with being choosy. 

Someone recently commented that I must not be too hard to get along with if I keep in touch with my ex-daughter-in-law.  I don't have a problem with her; we worked together at my last job for almost five years, and she has always called me "Mom".  She is, after all, the mother of two of my grandchildren.  Now, if my son and his wife are visiting, of course we don't invite his ex-wife to our dinners; that would be awkward.  In their absence, and since my son lives so far away, if the grandchildren are invited here, so is their mother.  
As far as me being easy to get along with?  WRONG!  Ask anyone who has had to live with me for awhile (except for Cliff, who is blind to my faults).   

(Sorry about the change in fonts; it happens a lot when I copy and paste something on here, and I'm too lazy to try and change it.) 


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you had a wonderful Sunday. I've made squash pie before and it does taste a lot like pumpkin. I say if you have squash around you should eat it and enjoy it too. If I had some of that pie around I'd probably save it for dessert but having it for breakfast is not a bad idea at all! Have a great Monday!


It sounds like a wonderful day was had by all. Getting together with family is always nice. Cooking for a crowd can be tricky. Seems swimming in leftovers is good for the pocketbook. It will help you stretch your food budget farther. Nothing wrong with indulging yourself a little bit every now and then. Had to chuckle over your granddaughter's reaction to the squash. We once made hamburgers with ground lamb and didn't tell my daughter. She thought they were the most DELICIOUS burgers she ever tasted. She would have thrown up if we told her the truth. LOL Take care.

Lori said...

We just made eight butternut squash pies yesterday!! Some were for our freezer (one is gone already! Yum!) and the others we gave to a friend who is hosting a big group this weekend. I love squash pie. So much better than sweet potato or pumpkin!! (And very fattening!)